Why Engineers Should Not Be Using the Mouse They’re Using Now (Unless it’s a CadMouse)

    Posted by Mark Driscoll on Jan 12, 2017 11:30:00 AM

    generic mouse.pngMillions of engineers, designers and CAD professionals are unnecessarily limiting their potential and don’t even know it.

    We all know the sinking feeling that hits us when we realize there’s not enough time left in the day to accomplish what you set out to do. And who hasn’t felt a little frustrated when struggling to make CAD software do what you want? Worse still, is when you need to complete the task but your hands, arms and shoulders are telling you it’s time for a rest.

    These are facts of life for many CAD professionals. But they don’t have to be. In fact, a lack of general efficiency and discomfort when working are issues caused or greatly exacerbated by a single problem:

    The mouse you’re using.

    We’re not talking about a 3D mouse either.

    We mean the ordinary mouse you use to click and select. You know, the mouse you use to do pretty much everything on your computer. 

    But what could possibly be wrong with your ordinary mouse? After all, you may have even chosen yours specifically.

    Well, that’s precisely it: an ordinary mouse is alright at a lot of things. It may even excel at a few. But it definitely doesn’t excel at prolonged CAD work. Read on to learn why—and the simplest of solutions (which didn’t even exist until just over 12 months ago).

    Your Ordinary Mouse Might Have Been Designed in CAD But It Wasn’t Designed for CAD

    Most CAD professionals click their mouse more than 10,000 times per day. On the other hand, most decent mice are designed to handle 5 million clicks or more. So, what’s the problem? It’s pretty simple – not all the buttons are in the right place!

    Most CAD applications rely heavily on the Middle Mouse Button (MMB) but ordinary mice—even high-end office or gaming ones—bury it under the scroll wheel. This may not initially sound like a big deal, but hear us out. Most CAD professionals press this button hundreds to thousands of times per day. When you consider that pressing the scroll wheel requires around 5 times the actuation force compared to the left and right buttons, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this isn’t an ideal situation for the muscles and tendons in your hand, wrist and arm.

    Unsurprisingly, some CAD professionals still use older 3-button mice (which have a dedicated middle mouse button) but unfortunately, that comes at the expense of the scroll wheel (making them inconvenient for zooming or using in office application or browsers). Their solution? Two different mice on the desktop! An old 3-button mouse for CAD and a 2-button “scroll wheel” mouse for browsing and office work.

    So, What’s the Real Solution? 

    How can this fundamental problem with your ordinary mouse be solved? By adopting the right tool for the job instead.

    With its top-of-the-line laser sensor and uniquely positioned, dedicated middle mouse button, it’s immediately obvious that the 3Dconnexion CadMouse is designed for CAD users. It feels like it belongs in your hand, as you smoothly zoom in and out of geometry by combining the patent pending QuickZoom with the tactile Smart Scroll wheel. In no time you’ll be demonstrating a new mastery of your application as you activate your favorite commands via a convenient application and environment specific radial menu (commands are activated with a simple mouse gesture).


    The 3Dconnexion CadMouse is the only mouse designed specifically for CAD professionals. Other companies focus on larger markets such as everyday office users or gaming so they simply miss the subtle but essential features that make all the difference for today’s CAD users. The 3Dconnexion CadMouse is guaranteed to make working in CAD more efficient, comfortable and, fun.

    Download the CAD Comfort Manual

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