Why Communication Should Be an Area of Focus for Engineers

    Posted by Tony Lonergan on Aug 23, 2017 11:02:00 AM

    Comm.jpegWith how busy your design teams are, it can be easy to put communication skills on the back burner. However, as your teams get busier and CAD continues to evolve, enhanced communication has never been more important.

    Why? Clear communication helps instill trust among colleagues, makes companies more profitable and boosts productivity. Keep reading to learn why communication skills are so critical and how to improve yours.

    Communication Instills Trust

    Poor and unclear communication can result in a climate of uncertainty among your colleagues. When your team members, management or other colleagues don’t communicate effectively, frustration can quickly arise, efforts can overlap or errors can occur.

    An open exchange of communication can make operations run smoothly among teams, but also instill more trust, too. When each colleague can clearly communicate his or her thoughts or needs, everyone will have more trust that the project will be completed.

    How to get there:

    Communication doesn’t necessarily need to be face-to-face. When you’re working at a computer all day, finding the person or people you need to talk to can be inconvenient. Hone in on your project management skills by providing your teams regular updates on the status of projects. You can do this with a project management system, like Basecamp or Asana, in combination with status emails or instant messaging tools.

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    It Makes the Company More Profitable

    Improving your communication shouldn’t be limited to internal conversations. Clear communication during presentations and meetings can help secure new business for your company, and boost your credibility.

    How to get there:

    Start by getting to know your audience. Are they visual learners? How much do they already know about your topic of discussion? These questions will help guide what kind of language and presentation to give. 

    Not everyone has a background in CAD or 3D design. Communicate your ideas simply and clearly with little jargon in easily digestible terms. Your audience should be able to understand the benefits and advantages of your company with little to no confusion.

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    It Improves Productivity

    When everyone is on the same page and communicating effectively, the team’s overall productivity also benefits. Strained communication can result in confusion and more questions, which means work takes longer or doesn’t get done effectively.

    How to get there:

    For easy ongoing communication, consider investing in a real-time messaging tool, or conferencing tool for remote team members. Messaging tools like Slack or Instant Messenger can streamline communication between team members and log past conversations for quick reference. 

    Similarly, video conferencing tools like Join.me have helpful features that encourage communication and engagement, even though teams may be miles away. For instance, Whiteboarding allows users to meet on a virtual canvas to visualize ideas together while communicating on a call—ideal for designers.

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