Why Comfort in CAD Matters

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on May 11, 2015 9:00:00 AM


    In a typical busy week, you need to worry about deadlines, managers, coworkers, clients and deliverables.

    But what about comfort while designing in CAD?

    Too often, how you feel while designing in CAD software takes a back seat to these more pressing concerns. Unfortunately, that could be a serious mistake for both CAD professionals and the companies they work for.

    CAD discomfort and pain threatens your livelihood at work. 89% of respondents in a VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics survey say that reducing discomfort during CAD work is important to them. 46% of respondents said that wrist, arm and hand pain or discomfort interfered with their job performance. And plenty of CAD pros deal with CAD discomfort and pain daily.

    Why does this matter? Read on to learn exactly how CAD pain affects your life, work, business and team—and why you need to encourage CAD comfort as soon as possible.

    The Danger of Repetitive Strain Injuries 

    CAD professionals log some serious time in their software—designing in prolonged daily sessions that last for hours. Repetitive motions, excessive clicks and plenty of clicking and dragging the mouse strains arm, wrist and hand muscles. With enough of this, repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) occur.

    This isn’t some malady made up by people who like to complain. They’re real muscle conditions that cause serious pain and can grow into extreme conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

    These injuries slow you down and make you miserable. The most extreme ones actually prevent you from working. While you may work primarily on a computer, that does not mean you can’t face debilitating physical risks. RSIs are one of the primary threats to your well-being if you work in any sort of computer-based or office environment.

    Satisfaction and Enjoyment at Work

    Even if you don’t develop a full-blown condition that limits your work, RSIs and discomfort dramatically reduce your quality of life at work. Who wants to wake up each morning with the prospect of daily pain?

    It’s even worse for CAD professionals who love designing, but know doing so will be uncomfortable or painful. With recurring pain and strain, that’s almost inevitable. CAD software packages require both left and right hand motions to manipulate models with a standard mouse and execute keyboard shortcuts. Furthermore, plenty of mouse dragging and clicking occurs as you select and move parts, assemblies and menu items.

    Productivity and Business Health

    Pain, discomfort and strain also seriously impact team and individual productivity, the quality of deliverables and, ultimately, business health. RSIs can take top talent out of the CAD game for a prolonged period of time. That affects both team performance and overall morale. After all, you and your colleagues got into CAD to design incredible things, not walk around with your arms in slings.

    Awkward, painful motions also lead to costly mistakes. Those mistakes mean financial and time losses on tight deadline projects. They also affect the perception of your team within your firm—and the perception of your company with clients and customers.

    What Is the Solution?

    We wrote a post about various best practices when sitting at your desk and positioning your hands during CAD work. We encourage you to read it for valuable tips on CAD ergonomic health.

    But there’s an even better way to ensure that you work more comfortably and pain-free: A 3D mouse. 3D mice pair with your ordinary mouse and keyboard to provide a revolutionary two-handed work style that evenly distributes muscle motion between both hands.

    That reduces and, in some cases, eliminates pain and discomfort entirely. The advanced ergonomics of 3D mice are used by the world’s top companies to look out for the health of their 3D professionals.

    And now, 3Dconnexion offers the CadMouse, the first mouse designed specifically for CAD professionals, to replace your regular mouse. By combining powerful, ergonomic hardware and smart, easy-to-use software, the 3Dconnexion CadMouse provides a level of performance and comfort ordinary mice just can’t match.

    Beat Pain and Strain in CAD With This Guide

    Aches and pains at the desktop are not normal and can lead to long-term repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). It also disrupts your productivity, creativity and even your career! The CAD Comfort Manual is a complete guide to address and prevent pain and strain from prolonged CAD work. Download it today to start working more comfortably in CAD.

     click here to download: http://info.3dconnexion.com/comfort-in-cad

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