The Best Ways for Engineers to Stay Productive on Group Projects

    Posted by Danielle Adams on Oct 9, 2017 10:05:00 AM

    gorup.jpegIn the course of daily labors, engineers are often given tasks and projects that are incredibly complicated in nature. Being efficient and productive while working on these assignments is critical, but it often proves difficult, especially when multiple individuals are involved in the work. These days, though, there are various pieces of hardware and software that can help make life easier, both for engineers and for their product managers. 

    Stay On Task

    With big projects, you don’t just need to be productive individually, you need to coordinate efforts and keep everyone up-to-date. That’s where task or project management software comes in handy. Apps like TrelloAsana and Workfront help add visibility to projects, allowing everyone involved to see what’s completed, what’s in progress, and what has yet to be done. They also provide a way to share documents and files, attaching them to tasks so they’re easy to find.

    What’s more, task management apps help keep information out of the email in box, and in a deadline-relevant dashboard, so you always know what’s coming up next. That way, you’ll never miss a deadline by accident ever again.

    Keep In Touch

    Being able to communicate with the team is also important, whether you’re reminding someone of something they need to send you for a design, or just letting everyone know that there are donuts in the break room. That’s why group messaging apps are so useful—they make it easier to coordinate with individuals and groups, sending messages, images, videos, and more. With the apps available today, there shouldn’t be any reason to miss updates or announcements from the team.

    With the proper tools at your fingertips, you’re poised to be more effective at your job, and get more work done than ever. 

    Use the Right Tools

    Just as a carpenter needs a sturdy hammer, and a doctor needs a sharp scalpel, engineers need quality tools designed specifically for the work they do. And seeing as much of that work is in CAD programs, the tools an engineer needs most frequently are computer peripherals. The problem is, so many of the devices used (like a keyboard or computer mouse) are poorly optimized for the uses that engineers have for them. They just don’t facilitate fast, ergonomic design work.

    That’s why some insightful businesses have created tools specifically for the use of engineers in CAD programs. Tools like a more ergonomic, specially designed mouse for use in CAD applications, or a mouse designed specifically for manipulating 3d models. Tools like these aren’t just more comfortable; they help you perform better at your job.

    Get Your Team on Track with the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

    The SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit is an excellent tool for engineering teams looking to stay on track and create consistently accurate work. The kit grants users a real-time understanding of engineering design and, with two-hand navigation, users can design faster and with more precision.

    One of the best parts? The SME Kit doesn't require an IT team for setup. So, your engineering teams can proceed with their work quickly and easily using the same tool. 

    Also included in the kit is the CadMouse for enhanced comfort and the SpaceMouse Enterprise for superior design capabilities, the twin-port USB hub for flexible connectivity, CadMouse Pad, and 3DxWare 10 Software driver. The 3DxWare 10 driver allows users to customize each of their tools. 

    3Dconnexion CadMouse Wireless

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