Quality and Quantity: 4 Ways to Design Faster and Better in CAD

    Posted by Tony Lonergan on Dec 8, 2017 11:00:00 AM

    startup-photos.jpgIn the race reduce time-to-market, engineers must seek new ways to improve efficiencies at every step of the design process. However, the challenge is two-fold. While cutting production time, engineers are also challenged to maintain the quality of their designs.

    Below, we provide four ways you can design faster and better in CAD.

    1. No Pain, Lots of Gain

    Facing pressures to hit deadlines while developing complex designs, CAD professionals may find themselves working for long periods of time. However, hours of repetitive motions may lead to pain or discomfort in your hands or wrists.

    Wrist pain caused by stiffness or swelling can disrupt productivity and creativity, and can slow down the design process tremendously. To help reduce the risk of wrist pain or long-term injuries, consider taking the following precautions:

    • Stretch often to avoid muscle aches or tightness when sitting in a stationary position.
    • Take frequent breaks to rest your joints and muscles from repetitive motions.
    • Use a wrist support pad to reduce stress on your wrist joints while typing.

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    2. Communication Is Key 

    To keep up in the global market, engineers must learn how to communicate with their teams, clients and upper-level management from any location. CAD professionals should hone in on both written and oral communications skills to improve collaboration and streamline the design process.

    In the dynamic work environment, CAD professionals should utilize video and audio conferencing tools to communicate with their teams, regardless of their location. By expanding their reach, CAD pros can reduce time-to-market and accelerate production for a competitive edge.

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    3. Avoid Creative Blocks

    Yes, you read that right. CAD professionals must be creative to maintain a competitive edge over the competition. However, creative blocks can actually inhibit your ability to continually innovate. By adjusting habits, collaborating with others and using best practices, CAD professionals can boost creativity and accelerate innovation. Consider the following tips:

    • Engage in physical activity to get your blood flowing and heighten brain function.
    • Practice good time management by devoting time to brainstorming, generating ideas and developing solutions.
    • Try something new, such as trying out a new app or tool or enrolling in a class to learn a new CAD skill.
    • Write your ideas down each time you feel inspired to archive your thoughts and guide future brainstorm sessions.

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    4. Use the Latest Tools and Technology

    New engineering tools are continuously introduced to enhance design capabilities. Equipped with the latest tools and technology, CAD professionals can work faster while enhancing the quality of their designs.

    The CadMouse Wireless is a professional tool designed to enhance precision and to help engineers design faster and better than ever before. The CadMouse Wireless features high-performance specs and a compact, mobile-optimized ergonomic design with a dedicated middle mouse button and intelligent scroll wheel for optimal maneuverability. Users can work up to two months without charging and can connect using a Universal Receiver, Bluetooth or a USB cable.

    With cutting-edge technology and best practices, engineers can produce higher-quality designs faster than ever before.

    3Dconnexion CadMouse Wireless

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