How to Build and Maintain Your CAD Team’s Competitive Advantage

    Posted by Tony Lonergan on Jul 26, 2017 10:56:00 AM

    competitive advantage.jpgA little competition is healthy for CAD professionals and companies—it keeps you on your toes, always looking for the next best thing. But, without a competitive advantage to differentiate yourself, competition can easily become detrimental to your business.

    A competitive advantage is crucial to setting you, your team and your company apart from competitors. It’s often the deciding factor that makes customers choose you over other options. So, how can you build and maintain your team’s advantage? We’ve highlighted how to identify a competitive advantage and some ways to keep it sustainable in your business. 

    Identify Your Team’s Unique Strengths

    To build your team’s competitive advantage, you first need to identify the unique strengths and traits that differentiate you from your competition. Your competitive advantage should be something that’s truly competitive and provides your customers a real benefit.

    Although common, your competitive advantage doesn’t need to be low or competitive costs. In fact, some of the best competitive advantages relate more to the ultimate benefits you provide and can include:

    • Speed to market / fast production
    • Superior product or service
    • Novel creativity
    • Access to exclusive resources, design technology or software

    It’s important to show your customers, potential customers, investors and other stakeholders examples of how your team provides this benefit. Consider bringing examples of designs and project work, case studies, testimonials or other items that can help reiterate your point.

    Stay in Touch with Industry Trends and Competitors

    To keep your competitive advantage relevant and sustainable, you and your team should stay updated on industry news and trends, and new developments from competitors.

    When defining your competition, don’t limit it to other CAD and design firms. Your competition includes anything that your customer could use to fulfill their need. This would not only include CAD firms of any size, but freelance designers, engineering firms, additive manufacturing specialists and more.

    Keep a pulse on the competition by checking out their latest blog posts and how they’re mentioned in the news. Did they just come out with a new product or innovative design technique? By staying up to date on competition, you can prepare to answer why your solution is still the best option for your customers. 

    Similarly, keeping a pulse on industry trends, developments and CAD updates lets you and your team plan for changes. Whether it be software updates or a new technology, staying current helps retain credibility. 

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    Boost Your Competitive Advantage with Innovative Tools 

    SpaceMouse__Enterprise_CadMouse_desktop_setup_rear_small.pngWhether your competitive advantage is low costs, unique design capabilities or speed to market, investing in the proper CAD hardware can only help your cause. The tools and software you use can have a direct impact on the quality of your designs, which will affect your bottom line.

    Tools like a 3D mouse, CadMouse or improved software can increase productivity and design accuracy—as tools like these are made specifically for CAD pros.

    The ultimate way to enhance your competitive advantage is to invest in the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit. The SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit is a bundle of CAD hardware, which includes the SpaceMouse Enterprise and CadMouse. These tools work together so you can design simultaneously with both hands—minimizing the need for back and forth movement to the keyboard. Also included in the kit is the CadMouse Pad and a twin-port USB hub. Each piece of the kit is customizable with the included 3DxWare 10 driver.


    Start Creating with the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

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