How to Adjust to a Two-Handed Workflow in CAD

    Posted by Tony Lonergan on Oct 3, 2017 10:40:00 AM

    SpaceMouse__Enterprise_CadMouse_desktop_setup_rear_small.pngEngineers constantly seek new ways to optimize their workspaces with the latest tech, but what about their workflows? A two-handed workflow is the most sensible solution when working CAD and can be easily implemented by any designer.

    By using a two-handed workflow, CAD professionals can reduce muscle movement, improve comfort and expedite designing for maximum productivity without compromising the quality of his or her work. 

    Below, we outline how to seamlessly transition to a two-handed workflow in CAD with the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit.

    The Benefits of Two-Handed Workflows

    Engineers are constantly challenged to produce the highest quality of work in the least amount of time. Approximately 97 percent of users claim to experience less pain when using a 3D mouse compared to a regular computer mouse, which has encouraged engineers to transition to two-handed design.

    Together, the CADMouse and the Space Enterprise Mouse support a two-handed workflow that can help engineers reduce design time and improve productivity by providing the following capabilities:

    • Design with greater accuracy and precision.
    • Pan, zoom, rotate and position models seamlessly, while using the 3D mouse to edit, select and construct designs.
    • Reduce the number of clicks and mouse movements by up to 66 percent to eliminate hand and wrist discomfort.

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    Adjusting to a Two-Handed Workflow

    As with any new CAD design method, adjusting to a two-handed workflow requires time and practice. However, engineers can reap significant benefits in the long run by incorporating the revolutionary technology. Instead of diving into the tool, CAD users should practice using a two-handed workflow regularly. Additionally, you can:

    1. Leverage Online Resources

    As an engineer, it's your responsibility to continually expand your knowledge. Learn more about the benefits of adjusting to a two-handed workflow by reading industry-specific blogs and downloading valuable resources, such as ebooks:

    2. Install Supporting Software 

    The 3Dconnexion software drivers allow CAD users like you to completely overhaul the design experience for their unique needs. For instance, 3DxWare 10 gives users the ability to assign their favorite or most-used commands to their 3D mouse. Similarly, the software driver can differentaiate betweent the active applications and environments, and assign different commands automatically. 

    3. Use Dominant Mode on Your 3D Mouse

    Use the Dominant Mode to temporarily restrict navigation capabilities as you first transition from a one- to two-handed workflow. After getting accustomed to each axis, users can add on additional exes at his or her own pace. Eventually, users will be able to experience all six degrees of freedom navigation with ease using the 3D mouse. 

    4. View Video Tutorials

    Watch video tutorials to learn more about using a two-handed workflow. By watching instructional videos, you'll see real-world applications of two-handed design and learn about the basic functions of your new tools. View reviews or tutorials from engineering professionals to learn how to make the most out of your workflow. 

    Simplify Your Two-Handed Workflow with the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit 

    Designs in CAD shouldn’t take endless hours to complete. And with the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit, they don’t have to.

    The kit includes the SpaceMouse Enterprise, the CadMouse, a CadMouse Pad, a twin-port USB hub and a 3DxWare 10 software driver, which work together to enhance design capabilities and simplify two-handed workflows in CAD.

    With this kit, you’ll ensure your engineering team is equipped with the necessary tools to enhance design capabilities for a seamless transition from one- to two-handed design. Start by educating engineers on the benefits of two-handed navigation and allow them to gain hands-on experience before fully incorporating these easy-to-use tools into the design process.

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