Cutting Back on Clicks: Why You Should Do It and How to Get Started

    Posted by Tony Lonergan on Jul 19, 2017 11:12:00 AM

    CadMouse_CadMouse_Pad_desktop_setup_hand_front_left_small-1.pngCutting down on the number of mouse clicks may sound like just a minor adjustment. But, it can have a major impact on your overall experience when working in CAD. Reducing the number of mouse clicks can add a boost to your comfort, speed and precision when working in CAD—all of which lead to better designs.

    Luckily, there are a few tools that can help you cut down on clicks and make designing in CAD more enjoyable.

    Reducing Mouse Clicks Improves Comfort

    Because ordinary mice aren’t designed specifically for CAD professionals, the button on an ordinary mouse wheel requires nearly five to six times the force compared to its left or right buttons. This can become tedious and painful when you consider the number of times you click in and around your designs. Constantly putting pressure on just one particular area of your hand and wrist can result in crippling pain.

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    Some examples of wrist and hand injuries include:

    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Tendinitis
    • Trigger Finger

    While these injuries and conditions are common among those who regularly work with computer mice, CAD users can prevent them by reducing clicks.

    Reducing Mouse Clicks Improves the Design Experience

    Having to use more pressure to press your mouse wheel may only take a few seconds. But, the unnatural movement and interruption can lead to errors in your designs, and make it more difficult to pan, zoom or rotate within them.

    Using tools that allow you to easily pan, zoom and rotate without having to click throughout your designs will cut down on time, and streamline your design process.

    Similarly, mouse clicks on an ordinary mouse aren’t made for working in CAD software. Static, friction and other interruptions caused by an ordinary mouse can make clicking throughout your designs more difficult, which also leads to a lengthier design process.

    So, how can CAD professionals like you rework your mouse movements and clicks? By using the right tool: The CadMouse.

    How a CadMouse Can Help

    The CadMouse—designed specifically for CAD professionals—includes a dedicated middle mouse button that requires less actuation force than an ordinary mouse.

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    The CadMouse also includes buttons along its sides to quickly and easily zoom in and out of designs with just one click, compared to numerous clicks with an ordinary mouse’s scroll wheel.

    CadMouse_Front_Up_RGB - mouse button pointers.png

    The advanced laser sensor also allows you to click exactly where you need to in your designs. The sensor includes 8200dpi and a poll rate of up to 1000Hz with responsiveness of 1 millisecond. These features allow professionals to move quickly, easily and naturally in their designs, all while avoiding the pain from repetitive clicking.

    One More Way to Reduce Clicks

    To cut back on mouse clicks and spread the work between both hands, look no further than the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit. The SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit is the go-to package of CAD hardware and tools for professionals who want to maintain their competitive edge and make working in CAD faster and easier.

    The kit includes the SpaceMouse Enterprise and CadMouse, which work together to achieve seamless, uninterrupted two-handed workflow. Users can easily reduce the number of clicks with easy access to application demands and advanced sensors. It also includes the CadMouse Pad and a twin-port USB hub. Each tool in the kit can be easily customized for an individual with the included 3DxWare 10 software driver.


    Start Creating with the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

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