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    Luxion and Onshape Partner for the Release of KeyShot Connection for Onshape

    Luxion, maker of KeyShot – the first real-time ray-tracing and global-illumination program for 3D rendering and animation – has released KeyShot Connection for Onshape. This free plugin is available through the new Onshape App Store. Onshape users can connect to their Onshape account through Keyshot and import their models. They can then be shared back to an Onshape document with any material, lighting or animation that was set up in KeyShot remaining intact.

    7 Features of Full-Cloud CAD You Won’t Find in Desktop-Installed CAD

    One of the major benefits of Onshape is that it resolves many of the biggest pain points of using desktop-installed CAD. From issues like installation, updates, instability, and more, this article examines seven full-cloud features that are not available on desktop-installed CAD that eliminate these problems.

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    Live Your Dreams and Make a 3D-Printed Lego Head That Looks Like You 

    We’ve got Star Wars Legos, Simpsons Legos, Batman Legos, and all kinds of special editions. But how about a Lego set starring…you! Funky 3D Faces will custom build a Lego head in your likeness. Just send them a front view photo of your face and a side view. Note: they just send the head. You provide the body.

    3D Slash is Web-Based 3D Modeling Fun Enough for Kids, Awesome Enough For You

    3D Slash is a 3D modeling tool designed to help kids (from 5 to 95) learn 3D creation in a fun, easy and innovative way. Based on Minecraft, users are able to begin creating after three steps and a 30-minute training session. Best of all, the program is free to use online or offline.

    5 Reasons Why 2015 was the Best Year for CAD on the Mac

    2015 was a huge year for CAD on the Mac. This was mainly due to a global shift to the cloud that will impact the future of how CAD will be delivered. The key is the access that is now available…most notably with the emergence of Onshape for an all cloud-based CAD platform. Read the article to see why Onshape and four other factors resulted in the perfect environment for CAD to explode onto the Mac.

    How 3D Printing Facilitates Interactive Learning

    With its rapid developments and accessibility, 3D printing is revolutionizing education. 3D printing allows for a more hands-on curriculum that facilitates learning. Three-dimensional models are 3D printed to help students grasp difficult concepts through better visualization and interaction.

    This article gives examples of how 3D printing can be utilized in multiple subjects for all levels of schooling. It highlights that it should be introduced early as kids in preschool and grade school tend to learn faster.

    Input Technologies for CAD: What’s the Best Mouse for Your Workflow? Part 2

    We’re all under more pressure to accomplish more in less time. With that in mind, Cadalyst author Alex Herrera examines the available mice for CAD professionals. In Part 1 of this series, he started with “general-purpose devices with mainstream features and general-purpose devices with premium features.” In Part 2, he explores CAD optimized devices.

    According to Herrera, these devices are mostly 3D mice. He says, “ … today the conversation about such products essentially begins and ends with one company: 3Dconnexion.” He discusses the 3D mouse and CadMouse and the benefits of each.

    He then delves into motion-based mice that are worn on your finger before finishing off with suggestions to help you decide if you need to upgrade your current mouse.


    How 3D CAD is Transforming the Commercial Automotive Industry

    Through sophisticated design and engineering, 3D CAD is having a profound effect on the value, longevity and usability of commercial automotive vehicles. SOLIDWORKS profiles some of the companies that are utilizing their products to drive innovation, cut costs and get products to market faster.


    Two Brothers, One Supercar, One Goal: Pure Exhilaration

    At Briggs Automotive Company, not only did Ian and Neill Briggs create a supercar (The Mono) that delivers the most thrilling driving experience possible, they custom fit and adjust each car to the driver for a unique melding of car and driver.

    The idea was started when they brainstormed the type of car they would build if there were no manufacturing or financial constraints. The personalization of this car manifests itself as the car is designed around the dimensions of the driver, who also selects the features and paint color.

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