CAD Links Worth Your Time: Pawthetics, Star Wars Gifts, 3D Hologram Creator, Teaching Onshape

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    Pawsthetics Needs Your Help

    Pawsthetics is a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that is looking to raise funds to get Turboroo (named after Turbo, a four-week-old puppy born without front legs), a non-profit business that develops 3D printed prosthetics to help pets in need. They are seeking $50,000, but every dollar donated will go directly to help the charity grow.

    10 3D Printable Star Wars Gifts

    With the premiere of the brand new Star Wars movie, what better gift ideas than Star Wars stuff you can 3D print yourself! But, just like with the author, it might be tough for you not to keep it for yourself.

    Rock Star of a Student 3D Prints His Own Guitar

    Do you have dreams of being a rock star? Caleb Loughlin wanted an electric guitar, but didn’t have the money. So, he printed his own as part of a school assignment. He printed the body in four pieces and then wired them together and added the neck and strings. If his musical dreams don’t come true, he’s got a good start on his other interests of design and mechanics.


    Zebra Imaging Launches 3D Hologram Creator for Autodesk Revit

    3D holograms are easy now that Zebra Imaging has launched their free 3D Hologram Creator plugin for Autodesk Revit Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. Architectural, engineering or construction designs can now be easily turned into a 3D hologram. Users create the hologram directly in the Revit application and export the design to Zebra Imaging. The hologram is then created in Zebra’s print center and shipped.

    Autodesk Forge – Powering the Future of Making Things 

    At Autodesk University, Autodesk Senior VP of Products Amar Hanspal announced Autodesk Forge. Forge is a cloud-based platform that encourages collaboration in the building of a “connected ecosystem for product development.” The goal is to advance the next wave of innovative technologies that will transform the way products are designed, made and used.

    Its three major components are:

    • Platform-as-a-Service.
    • Robust developer program.
    • $100 million investment fund.

    Through Forge, Autodesk is opening up its software platform to outside developers. They are using the $100 million fund to back these development partners to use their platform.


    CAD in the Classroom: 5 Best Practices for Teaching Onshape

    Because Onshape is free and runs on any computer or mobile device, students and teachers now have access to professional 3D CAD. To help make teaching Onshape easier, they have put together these best practices for using Onshape in the classroom. Teachers can also download their free Instructor Kit.

    The Biggest Pains of Traditional CAD

    Onshape spends a lot of time getting feedback from professional CAD users to learn about their biggest issues. They’ve surveyed hundreds of CAD users and present a snapshot of their findings. Learn what the biggest issues are and how broadly the frustrations are felt. Onshape was built to alleviate the stress of each of these issues. 

    A Toast to Spill-Free Drinks in Space

    The Open Space Agency works on major space issues, including helping NASA study potentially dangerous asteroids. However, they also solve smaller problems. They partnered with Ballantine’s Scotch whiskey and used Onshape to design the Space Glass that allows astronauts to drink liquid in zero gravity. Because Onshape is a cloud-based solution, they loved that they didn’t need to be in the office to make changes to the design. They could be made on the spot.


    10 SOLIDWORKS Sketching Tips You Want to Learn

    Sketching (creating the basis of your 3D model) is the foundation of most models you will produce within SOLIDWORKS. Your ability to sketch profoundly affects your overall modeling performance. Given how important it is, here are 10 tips to help you improve.

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