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    PRS_guitars_in_show_window_OchanomizuWhat’s new in the world of CAD? Get a glimpse of what’s trending by checking out these 3D links.


    Benefits of Communities for Product Development

    SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE tools allow you to create concepts anywhere and collaborate with colleagues and customers. Karl W. Schmidt & Associates specifically uses SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer to reach their internal and external communities to instantly get customer feedback on a design, send photos and notes to team members in real time and be alerted of changes as they happen so they don’t work on designs that customers don’t want.

    PRS Guitars: Engineered for Musicians

    PRS Guitars uses SOLIDWORKS in a proprietary way that allows them to create high quality guitars with incredible consistency, while quickly deploying new designs. This design and manufacturing process was captured for a testimonial video.


    Autodesk Within Medical: New Software Offering Innovative 3D Printed Implants to 600 Patients

    With 3D design and printing, medical devices and implants can be customized to specific patients. Autodesk Within Medical is optimizing 3D printing of implants for better integration with bones. Designs can be as light, flexible and strong as required for the individual patient.

    CAD Management

    The CAD Workstation Configuration Cheat Sheet

    This helpful article gives tips on the components to look for when outfitting your CAD workstation with new hardware. The basic rules offered are sure to help you justify the expense for your boss and explain why the expenditure is a good investment. For even more CAD configuration tips, also be sure to read this whitepaper on how 3D input devices can save your company serious money and provide significant ROI. 

    Best CAD Workstation Reviews of 2015

    CAD requires a “separate category of computers known as workstations”. Because different software packages require different specs in workstations, this article is meant to give readers enough information to choose the workstation that is right for their needs. It examines processors, cores, speeds, graphics cards and memory.

    CAD News

    The Dark Night Rises in 3D Print: Launzer & i.materialise Partner to Produce Batman Figurines

    Launzer, teaming up with i.materialise, has exclusive 3D printing and marketing rights for Batman and other Warner Bros. figures in Europe. In offering characters that fans love and giving them the ability to be involved in its creation through painting or other creative options, Launzer is opening up an avenue for these fans to become interested in 3D design. 

    Future Engineers Warns: If You Are 3D Printing in Space, Forget the Supports

    While 3D printing is incredibly use for space travel, there is one aspect that must be considered: the use of supports (commonly used in 3D printing and discarded once complete). Space debris is one of the most dangerous aspects to space travel, so supports are a no-go. This article breaks down the considerations involved in this new arena of 3D printing.

    Sketchfab Offers Animation to Its 3D Model Sharing Platform

    Sketchfab now offers the ability to upload animated models (without installing a separate application) making it easier to share and browse them. It will render both solid animation (movement in space) and skeleton animation (script movements). The Sketchfab player continuously loops the animation (by default) and allows you to play, pause, move it to a specific frame and rotate around the 3D model.

    Heart Transplant Surgery Performed With Help of Color-Coded 3D Printed Model

    Heart surgeons face a formidable job in that every heart is unique, including any deformities that may have developed. Medical technology has advanced quickly in the last decade to allow for micro cameras and data gathering equipment to examine a heart before surgery.

    3D printing possibilities for individual hearts have the medical community extremely excited. A team of surgeons in Dublin, Ireland recently used a color-coded, 3D printed model of a heart to aid them in the surgery of a heart with multiple heart anomalies. 

    Why Workstation Ergonomics Matter

    When comparing features and benefits of workstations, ergonomics is usually not heavily considered. However, the ultimate goal of ergonomics is to make you more productive. So, these factors can be just as important as the CPU and memory. And, most workstation products are built around the same hardware components. This makes ergonomics a clear differentiator when making a purchase decision.

    Beat Pain and Strain in CAD With This Guide

    Speaking of ergonomics, aches and pains at the desktop are not normal and can lead to long-term repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). It also disrupts your productivity, creativity and even your career! That’s why we created The CAD Comfort Manual, a complete guide to address and prevent pain and strain from prolonged CAD work. Download it today to start working more comfortably in CAD.

    click here to download: http://info.3dconnexion.com/comfort-in-cad

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