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    What’s new in the world of CAD? Get a glimpse of what’s trending by checking out these 3D links.



    Meet a New Full-Cloud CAD Solution

    Onshape is a new CAD solution that runs in your browser and makes file sharing easy. Check it out: it just might change how you do work in 3D.



    Designing for the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things is made up of smart objects that interact with each other through the internet. Watch this webinar to learn how SolidWorks can be used in their design.



    Drawing Accurately in SketchUp

    Learn tips for drawing in SketchUp, as well as how to use the dimensions and scale tools.

    6 Sketchup Extensions You’ll Wish You Were Already Using

    Save time, automate processes and gain new capabilities with these six extensions.  

    Autodesk Inventor


    Be More Direct with Autodesk Inventor 2015’s Direct Edit Feature

    Watch how Autodesk Inventor 2015 makes editing easy, including how to bring third  party files into an assembly.

    Autodesk’s New App Lets Kids Design Their Own Toys

    Reaching out to an audience that experience smartphones and apps before they can walk, Autodesk released its Tinkerplay app that allows children to design and build their own toys.

    CAD Management


    CAD Management Predictions for 2015

    What CAD management trends will we see play out this year? These predictions will give you an idea of where to spend your time and energy this year.

    CAD News


    Carbon3D Unveils Breakthrough 3D Printing Tech

    Carbon3D has developed a new 3D printing technique called CLIP (continuous liquid interface production) that prints objects 25-100 times faster and that are structurally stronger than today’s conventional 3D printing.

    Welcome to Kideville: CAD Turned Gaming with 3D Printing

    It’s never too early to start in CAD. Dejan Mitrovic launched Kideville to bring technical design and 3D printing to teach children constructive planning and design.

    Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham Uses 3D Scanning and Printing to Create Custom “Talking” Hot Rod

    Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham employed 3D scanning, modeling and printing to create a Hot Rod with the head of one of his characters —and the head talks when the car’s intake is used!

    Beat Pain and Strain in CAD With This Guide

    Aches and pains at the desktop are not normal and can lead to long-term repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). It also disrupts your productivity, creativity and even your career! The CAD Comfort Manual is a complete guide to address and prevent pain and strain from prolonged CAD work. Download it today to start working more comfortably in CAD.

    click here to download: http://info.3dconnexion.com/comfort-in-cad

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