6 SketchUp Secrets to Design Better and Faster

    Posted by Mark Driscoll on Dec 13, 2016 10:38:00 PM

    SketchUp is one of the most popular 3D modeling software packages on the market. And there are always new tools and tips to learn. By installing helpful plugins or extensions, new apps or tools, SketchUp users can reduce production time and create more accurate, realistic designs.

    To help simplify your workflow in SketchUp, we’ve rounded up six secrets that will help you use the software better.

    1. Go Mobile 

    Download SketchUp’s latest Mobile Viewer, V3.0. V3.0 is a downloadable app for iPhone and Android that displays 3D models and performs a handful of commands right from a smartphone or tablet. Users view designs by clicking on files in 3D Warehouse, Dropbox, Trimble Connect or email attachments. In V3.0, users are then able to:

    • Play scene-based animations.
    • Use Section Planes, Edge Styles and Watermarks.
    • Pull measurements with the Tape Measure tool.

    Having mobile access to all SketchUp designs helps you make minor adjustments on the go and keeps your portfolio of work on-hand, no matter where you are.

    Check it out here: SketchUp Mobile Viewer V3.0

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    6 More SketchUp Extensions You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Having

    Posted by Mark Driscoll on Nov 30, 2016 10:30:00 AM

    1. Mirror

    Mirror is a must-have for designers who aren’t looking to recreate objects from scratch but need to mirror groups of them within the same design. Users simply choose which object or objects they want to mirror, then select points within their design to reflect it upon.

    This extension takes the headache out of having to recreate shapes or objects, allowing for a faster workflow.

    Who should use this extension: CAD professionals of all industries.

    Get it here: Mirror

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    Tags: 3D CAD, Productivity, SketchUp