How to Get the Most Out of SketchUp

    Posted by Mark Driscoll on Oct 4, 2016 11:03:00 AM

    SketchUp_Tips_Image.pngSketchUp is a 3D modeling computer program commonly used by engineers to draw and design with ease. As it plays an essential role in the design process, there are an abundance of online resources to help educate engineers on SketchUp’s new features and functions. 

    Below, we’ve rounded up nine resources to help you get the most out of SketchUp.

    1. What’s New in SketchUp 2016?

    SketchUp unveils software improvements each year, introducing new functions and features. Included in the 2016 additions are better inferencing capabilities, updated organization of utility dialogs and a materials library overhaul with new textures. Learn more about the exciting new features added by watching this video.

    2. SketchUp Extensions

    With an extensive selection of add-ons, the possibilities for SketchUp users are endless. Engineers can enhance SketchUp’s functionality by installing extensions that assist with rendering, 3D printing, productivity and more.

    3. SpaceMouse Pro and SketchUp

    The SpaceMouse Pro provides seamless navigation for engineers working in SketchUp. The puck even allows you to view digital models from every angle on six different axes. Watch this video for a SpaceMouse Pro demonstration in SketchUp.

    4. Visual Display Problems Due to Distance

    If you have ever imported a third-party model, you may have experienced display issues. This video provides solutions to stabilize imported models closer to the axis and demonstrates how you can streamline your workflow with the ThomThom extension.

    5. The Follow Me Tool

    The Follow Me tool makes it easier for engineers to speed up the design process and create details, rails, trims and lathed shapes. Watch this training video to learn the basics of this timesaving tool.

    6. View SketchUp Models in Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality creates an immersive experience for engineers using SketchUp. Learn how you can view 3D models with the Kubity extension and explore 3D designs on the web or the mobile app in this video.

    7. The LightUp Plugin for SketchUp

    Showcase your work in the best light using LightUp, the only SketchUp renderer. This quick plugin can save you minutes or even hours in rendering time, increasing productivity and work efficiency.

    8. Utilize the 3D Warehouse

    Instead of modeling every small detail from scratch, sort through the millions of free models provided by the 3D Warehouse. Anyone can store or share designs in the warehouse, making it an excellent resource and the world’s largest library of free 3D models.

    9. Join the SketchUp Community

    There are online communities of SketchUp users who ask questions and share information with one another. Continue learning and join the SketchUp conversation on SketchUcation or on the SketchUp Forum. SketchUcation highlights top news, trends and software developments all in one place, while SketchUp Forums allow users to interact with others to answer their questions.

    Also on the SketchUp Forum, users can create their own “SketchUp Buddy,” which is a personalized avatar to help users learn more about others participating in the forum. 

    SketchUp was created to simplify the design process for engineers and professionals alike. It plays a large role in taking 2D designs from paper to the real world. With these resources, engineers can expand their knowledge in SketchUp and continue to innovate productively.

    Image Source: Joe Haythornthwaite via Wikipedia

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