7 Unbeatable Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Engineer

    Posted by Mark Driscoll on Dec 5, 2016 9:13:00 AM

    presents-1058800_1280.jpgWith the holiday season right around the corner, finding the perfect gift for an engineer may not seem like an easy task. Luckily, we’ve gathered seven of this season’s must-have gadgets and tools that are perfect for the engineer in your life.

    1. 3Doodler Create Pen 

    With the 3Doodler Create Pen, CAD professionals and engineers can watch their own drawings and designs instantly come to life. Known as the world’s first 3D printing pen, the 3Doodler allows its users to draw physical 3D structures with the press of a button.

    The 3Doodler Create Pen heats plastic rods internally, melting them down to stick to paper and other surfaces. Once released from the pen, the plastic hardens into a shape and users can draw vertically or horizontally in the air. The pen can be used for any and all 3D design concepts, like art and decoration, maker projects, doodling product models and more.

    Price: $99.99 / €90.66 / £81.74

    Get it here: 3Doodler Create Pen

    2. SeeNote Digital Sticky Notes

    Engineers are some of the busiest professionals in the workforce today. To help them keep track of their projects, reminders and everything in between, look no further than SeeNote’s digital sticky notes. SeeNote is a digital notepad with a user-friendly interface and touchscreen. With SeeNote, users can set daily reminders, check the weather and traffic conditions, control smart home technologies and more, making the rest of their daily tasks faster and easier to remember.

    SeeNote can be placed anywhere in the home or office, making it easy for users to look back at notes, reminders and more at any point during the day. Users can also adjust their notes right on SeeNote’s touchscreen and enable wifi so it continuously updates throughout the day. 

    Price: $99 / €90 £81

    Get it here: SeeNote

    3. PancakeBot 3D Food Printer

    For the engineer that may also have a sweet tooth, the PancakeBot might be your perfect holiday gift. Users can create their own designs and insert a USB or SD card into the machine to print their pancakes onto a griddle, just like a 3D printer setup but with pancake batter!

    The machine also offers more than 100 different printing designs on its website, which users download and save to their card.

    Price: $295 / €267 £241

    Get it here: PancakeBot 3D Printer

    4. Perplexus Epic 

    For the engineer who appreciates a good puzzle, don’t underestimate the challenge a Perplexus maze can provide. Perplexus Epic is a 3D-printed maze contained within a handheld plastic sphere. To play, users simply turn, flip and twist their way to the sphere’s finish line.

    The Perplexus Epic is the company’s most challenging puzzle, complete with 125 3D-printed barriers inside the plastic sphere. The toy not only improves hand-eye coordination, but also provides a fun, unique way to challenge an engineers’ ability to gauge spaces and distances.

    Price: $30 /€27 £25

    Get it here: Perplexus Epic

    5. Make Magazine Subscription

    If you’re not sure what would make for a good gift for an engineer, consider a yearlong subscription to Make Magazine. The magazine regularly publishes new articles on innovative do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, new technology and gadgets and more.

    Subscribers also have access to MakerSpace, which is Make Magazine’s online forum for all types of creators to share their ideas, comment on the projects of others and engage with fellow innovators.

    Price: $20-40/year / €18-36 / £16-33

    Get it here: Make Magazine

    6. Displate Art

    For the engineer looking for a unique way to decorate his or her office, consider gifting a piece of Displate artwork. Displates are handmade metal posters that can be mounted on walls by magnets or other forms of adhesives. The site features more than 40,000 different designs uniquely crafted by more than 1,000 artists from around the world. 

    Displates not only add color to your engineer's office, but they also help the environment. Each displate purchased helps plant approximatley 10 trees in Central America and areas in Africa. The movement aims to help restore the wildlife and natural forests that have been damaged or destroyed as a result of climate change, pollution and more. 

    Price: $44-70 / €40-63 £33-57

    Get it here: Displate.com

    7. SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

    New Call-to-action The SpaceMouse Enterprise (SME) Kit is a bundle of CAD tools and software that make the design process faster, easier and more comfortable for engineers. When you give the gift of the SpaceMouse Enterprise (SME) Kit, you give engineers two-handed power to design in CAD more efficiently. For one affordable price, your engineer receives all the tools they need to create lasting value in their work. The kit includes the SpaceMouse Enterprise, CadMouse, CadMouse Pad, a twin-port USB hub and the 3DxWare 10 software driver.

    The SpaceMouse Enterprise, the newest 3D mouse, features a patented 6-Degrees-of-Freedom sensor and 12 application buttons with Intelligent Function Keys. The SpaceMouse Enterprise helps position your model, while the CadMouse selects and creates. The SpaceMouse Enterprise and CadMouse give designers a two-handed approach to their CAD designs with customizable commands at their fingertips. This minimizes hand travel and ultimately cuts down on production time.

    The CadMouse Pad is made specifically for the CadMouse, featuring a micro-textured coating that allows smooth, uninterrupted movement while designing. The twin-port USB hub makes it possible to connect the SpaceMouse Enterprise and the CadMouse to your workstation using just one USB port. Finally, the 3DxWare 10 software driver allows users to customize their software settings for the CadMouse, SpaceMouse Enterprise and more.

    By gifting the SME Kit, you instantly help the engineer in your life sharpen their skills to remain competitive in a growing field. The SME Kit is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving for engineers and CAD professionals who are looking to take their careers to the next level.

    Price: $429 / €429 / £329

    Get it here: SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

    What other items are you planning on gifting to an engineer this holiday season?

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