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3 Things SketchUp Users Need to Know When Using a 3D Mouse

3D mice in SketchUp

users have consistently found 3D mice to be the single most impactful tool to supercharge their workflows. By being able to smoothly and intuitively position models or views, 3D mice make working in SketchUp faster, more comfortable and most of all fun!

Are you a SketchUp user getting started with a 3D mouse or considering adopting one? This guide will show you how to set one up and choose the right model for your needs—and provide videos that dive deeper into each concept.

3 Essential Competencies for CAD Managers

CAD Manager Competencies

CAD management is both a science and an art. A science because it deals with specific, tangible design specifications and deliverables. An art because to deliver those designs, you must manage teams, deadlines, and competing interests from clients and superiors. 

Getting Started in CAD: Resources and Links

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So, you want to be a CAD professional—or you’ve started out on your journey to become one. Congratulations! The road ahead is challenging and extremely rewarding.

CAD Links Worth Your Time [October 2014]

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Keep your 3D skills sharp with do-it-yourself CAD education using the links below. 

What Makes a Great Technical Drawing: 4 Best Practices

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What makes a great technical drawing? 

Advice for Aspiring CAD Professionals

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With the passion and skills to pursue a career in CAD, you’ll discover various opportunities across industries, from engineering and architecture to 3D design and animation. It’s easy to become lost in all the career possibilities and challenges out there. These three tips can help you navigate a quickly changing landscape and succeed as a CAD professional. 

Strategies to Save Time on 3D Design Work

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With tight deadlines and complex projects, there is no room for inefficiency. But how do you design—and work—faster without sacrificing quality?

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CAD Links Worth Your Time — September 2014

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Keep your 3D skills sharp with do-it-yourself CAD education using the links below. 

Boost Creativity: 3D Design Hacks Backed by Science [FREE GUIDE]

creativity ebook

Tell us if any of these sound familiar:

CAD Links Worth Your Time [August 2014]

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Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we've put together CAD tutorials, links and lessons that can help you continue your 3D education. 

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