CAD Links Worth Your Time — December 2014

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    4818798118_cbbd8a560f_zGet a jumpstart on your professional development this month by checking out these informative CAD links.

    Autodesk Inventor Tips and Tricks

    Modeling Sheet Metal Intersections

    Crafting models with intersecting sheet metal bodies can be difficult for even the most experienced designer. Use this guide to learn how to more efficiently tackle one of Inventor’s most challenging tasks.

    Interacting With An Assembly

    Singling out specific components of a working assembly in Autodesk 2015 can be intimidating for those who don’t know the most efficient process. Overcome this obstacle by using this video, which will show you how to select and work with the various components of your assembly.

    AutoCAD Tutorials

    Creating Closed Polylines With Boundaries 

    Walls in AutoCAD start off as just a collection of line segments. In order to design a full working 3D model, you’ll need to learn how to create closed polylines. This video tutorial reveals special techniques used to gain a deeper understanding of closed polylines. 

    Using The Area Measure Command 

    Knowing the exact area measurement of a design is the foundation for creating solid professional 3D drawings. Discover how to efficiently determine the exact area of your drawings by watching this video

    CAD Tips and Tricks 

    Thermal Stress Analysis In SolidWorks

    With so many ways to set up and run a thermal stress analysis using SolidWorks, how can you be sure the method you’re using is right for your test? This guide will show you which method is best based on the details of your particular analysis being run.

    The Truth About SketchUp Styles

    SketchUp Styles is what controls the visual appearance of the models you build. This guide unveils misconceptions about SketchUp Styles so you can customize the look of your models without any trouble.

    Master 3D Sketching In Solid Edge

    Complex geometry modeling can prove to be an overwhelming obstacle for even the most focused design sessions. Mastering 3D sketching can help streamline the process. Watch this video to learn how to effectively do so.

    Industry News

    Ansys Releases Spaceclaim 2015

    Spaceclaim is direct modeling software that allows engineers to open CAD data from any source, edit designs and prep them for simulation. The software also gives engineers an open CAD design setting that focuses on modeling and physics. 

    Check out the recent release of Spaceclaim 2015. This new version is set to drastically improve workflows and includes an advanced toolkit. Learn all the details here.

    3D Printing Innovation Makes Stronger, Lighter Metal Parts 

    Purdue University has developed a 3D printing innovation that makes stronger, lighter metal parts for use in the automotive and aerospace industries. Just think of the possible applications! Click here to learn the full story.

    Have you found any relevant CAD tutorials or articles? Connect with other CAD professionals and share the wealth of knowledge with your peers in the comments below!

    Beat Pain and Strain in CAD With This Guide

    Aches and pains at the desktop are not normal and can lead to long-term repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). It also disrupts your productivity, creativity and even your career! The CAD Comfort Manual is a complete guide to address and prevent pain and strain from prolonged CAD work. Download it today to start working more comfortably in CAD.

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