CAD Links Worth Your Time [October 2014]

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    cad linksKeep your 3D skills sharp with do-it-yourself CAD education using the links below. 


    Methods for Fine-Tuning Splines in SolidWorks

    Inverted splines can cause a huge headache if not caught early. Learn all the different types of splines available in SolidWorks and which to use for maximum flexibility.

    Change the Display on Dimensions in Inventor

    Ever need to change the display on a model’s dimensions? It’s easier than you may think. Use this tutorial to learn different displays for dimensions available in Inventor, and how to look at parameter and value views.

    Create Spiral and Normal Staircases in SketchUp

    What’s a great building or structure design in SketchUp without a set of stairs? Learn how to master spiral and normal staircases in Sketchup with this video tutorial. 

    Save Your Customizations with Partial CUI Files in BrisCAD

    You can make BricsCAD work the way you work by creating customizations and preserving them with partial CUI files. Tailoring your CAD software to your workflow needs helps increase efficiency and fluidity when designing. See how here.

    How Tos

    Improve Your Product Idea Submissions

    CAD drawings can greatly improve product idea submissions and proposals. A post by Edison Nation lays out how you can optimize such CAD drawings to take your product idea submission to the next level. 

    Save Time When Designing 

    With tight deadlines and complex projects, there is no room for inefficiency. Here are four ways you can save time while designing.  

    Industry News

    CIMdata Publishes PLM Geography Report

    PLM is important to CAD professionals all over the world. That’s why CIMdata has released its latest report on the state and market share of PLM. Get some highlights from the PLM Geography Report here.

    Stratasys Acquires GrabCAD

    CAD consolidation continues with the latest acquisition news. GrabCAD will now operate as a unit within Stratasys. What does this mean for GrabCAD users and the CAD industry as a whole? Read here for Jeff Rowe’s take on the news.

    Introducing Children to CAD and 3D Printing

    More and more, we see schools given access to 3D printers and CAD software so that young children can become acquainted with the technology and potential career paths. See how CAD expertise is being introduced into local school curriculums

    Have you found any relevant CAD tutorials or articles? Share the wealth of knowledge with your peers in the comments below!

    Beat Pain and Strain in CAD With This Guide

    Aches and pains at the desktop are not normal and can lead to long-term repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). It also disrupts your productivity, creativity and even your career! The CAD Comfort Manual is a complete guide to address and prevent pain and strain from prolonged CAD work. Download it today to start working more comfortably in CAD.

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