CAD Links Worth Your Time [August 2014]

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    3D designWhether you're a beginner or an expert, we've put together CAD tutorials, links and lessons that can help you continue your 3D education. 

    Tutorials To Do More Within Your CAD Applications

    Use these tutorials to dig deeper into the capabilities of your CAD application:

    Turn Off Parts in Views in Inventor Without Using View Reps

    Did you know you could easily turn on and off parts in views without using view reps in Inventor? Follow CAD Tips’ quick tutorial to learn how to do this without setting up a new level of detail.

    Execute Fade Animation in KeyShot 5

    KeyShot is powerful 3D rendering and animation software. Simply import your 3D model, paint, light and adjust! Voila! Your 3D rendering is a finished product!

    Already using KeyShot? Check out the fade animation feature:

    The fade animation feature in KeyShot 5 lets you animate opacity and save time by reducing the need for post production. Learn how you can create impressive part-layering visual animations with this tutorial. Are you ready to supercharge your animation workflow? 

    Freeform Surfacing with a Network of Curves in Bentley MicroStation

    Creating a custom surface in Bentley MicroStation from a mesh network of curves is a breeze when you have instructor Peter Mann showing you how to bring your surfaces to the next level in this tutorial, courtesy of CADalyst.

    Explore Temporary Dimensions in Revit

    Work fast and accurate in Revit! Simply change the temporary dimension settings to your preference. Learn how in CAD Notes’ tutorial.

    Go From SketchUp to Maya with Ease

    Stuart Christensen shows us how to easily convert SketchUp 3D models for use within Maya. Convert your models accurately and with ease by following his tutorial on CGMeetup

    Up for Debate: What CAD Thought Leaders Are Talking About 

    Is Product Data Management Overkill for Small Design Teams? 

    The verdict is in and the answer depends on who you talk to. CAD thought leaders Chad Jackson and Jim Brown disagree on the best product data management processes for smaller design teams. Hear their point of views in this video series hosted on Engineering.com.

    Is CAD Disruption the New Normal?

    “If you know change is likely to come, get ready for it,” says Chad Jackson who believes that CAD technology disruption is the new normal. In this new age, the industry needs agile professionals who can adapt and grow as their technology does. Do you think CAD disruption is here to stay?

    CAD Advice

    What kind of information should your 3D data standard control? The goal of standardizing is to make CAD data as reusable as possible, saving time and creating efficiencies. Learn the importance of and how to create CAD standards for 3D data with this post on the Siemens blog.

    Have you come across other valuable CAD tutorials? Share them with your peers in the comment section below! 

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