Strategies to Save Time on 3D Design Work

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Oct 6, 2014 6:00:00 AM

    3D design productivityWith tight deadlines and complex projects, there is no room for inefficiency. But how do you design—and work—faster without sacrificing quality?

    Easy: try these timesaving strategies on for size. Read on to learn how you can restructure your workflow, and use available resources and tools to cut design time and increase output.

    Get Organized

    Your 3D work is what drives you. But organized workflows, in large part, drive your 3D work. Even small changes to your workflows, done regularly, have a large impact on your speed and efficiency. 

    Embrace smart file management systems and naming conventions to remove time-wasting inefficiencies from any workflow. Get started with the following tips:

    • Create a consistent folder hierarchy for all projects.
    • Assign clear naming conventions to model part features.
    • Build a library of commonly used model parts. Create a special folder for this library with a standardized naming system.
    • Keep product data up-to-date by entering it throughout the design phase. 

    Furthermore, consider a data management application to consolidate data, keep files secure and streamline the collaboration process.

    Strategically Standardize Processes 

    Standardized methods are especially crucial when working with a team, but are still important if designing solo. Strategically standardizing workflows and methodology streamlines the transfer of files and revisions to team members, keeps work consistent and increases productivity:

    • Create company standards for visual tone, part orientation and displayed information.
    • Use standardized templates of common data setups, drawing views and file formats.
    • Automate design components with standardized attributes when applicable. 

    Standardizing elements of the design process and workflow will help projects look uniform and professional—and save you time in the long run.

    Take Advantage of Cloud Tools for Productivity

    CAD isn’t the only discipline embracing the cloud. Engineers, architects and 3D professionals can also benefit from cloud productivity and collaboration tools to better manage documents and files. 

    Try the following for faster workflows:

    • Google Drive and Dropbox — Perfect for sharing files with teams internally or globally, Google Drive and Dropbox store your files in cloud accounts that anyone with the right permissions can access—making for seamless document and file management.
    • Tinkercad and Sketchfab — Built specifically for 3D professionals, these web-based tools allow your team to share designs with colleagues, project leaders or even your company’s fans.
    • Basecamp — Offering enterprise-level project management, Basecamp gives teams the ability to organize projects by task, collaborate on work and share files.

    Use Design Hardware Upgrades to Speed Up Your Work

    Upgrades to your hardware can speed up design processes, increase accuracy and improve precision—making you a lean, mean designing machine. One such tool is a 3D mouse. 

    3D professionals who use 3D mice report average productivity and efficiency gains of 21%. 3D mice also create a more comfortable design session by reducing repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), meaning you can work for longer without pain and discomfort.

    Furthermore, 3D mice enable 3D professionals to decrease time spent on application complexities and focus on the actual design.

    But don’t take our word for it: See what 3D pros like Scott Moyse, Paul McCrorey and Billy Hallman think.

    What processes do you employ to speed up design time and increase efficiency? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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