CAD Links Worth Your Time [July 2014]

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    July CAD LinksKeep your 3D skills sharp with do-it-yourself CAD education using the links below.


    SketchUp is a powerful tool but limited export options can cause a hiccup in your workflow when placing SketchUp files into other 3D software programs. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to import SketchUp models into Blender (though the process is applicable across all 3D software programs that support specific mesh formats). 

    Tips for Getting Great Images Out of SketchUp

    Deep dive into SketchUp’s settings and features to obtain great images. Unlock styles, shadows, fog and camera angles to create sleek renderings with this useful video.

    3D Printing 

    With 3D printing at the forefront of CAD, it is helpful to know how to take advantage of it. This tutorial shows the step-by-step process of transforming a 3D CAD model from SketchUp into a tangible object. Explore useful tools and learn considerations to take into account during the process.  

    Up For Discussion 

    Is 3D Printing Really a Miracle?

    Jeff Rowe raises this question in a post with video on MCADCafé.

    While some entities are using the powerful tool for medical advancements, resource abundance and consumer convenience, others have less popular intentions. As soon as the latest 3D printing hype started up, so did the concern over printable weapons. 

    What are your thoughts on the future of 3D printing, its implications for society and its impact on industries? 

    CAD in the Cloud: Friend or Foe? 

    One could say the cloud fad materialized out of thin air. Seemingly overnight, CAD in the Cloud became the next big thing in CAD productivity, efficiency and collaboration.

    Despite potential benefits of migrating to a cloud workflow, many companies have reservations. Concerns ranging from vendor industry stability to internet connection reliability round out the top of list.

    What do you think? Does CAD in the Cloud hold a place in your company’s future?

    What are the Best Features of SketchUp 2014? 

    SketchUp 2014 is on the market and already widely used by 3D professionals. In this video, SketchUp School covers what they think are the best seven new and upgraded features found in SketchUp 2014.

    Do you agree? What features are you most excited about? 

    Is CAD Data Management That Important? 

    Short answer, yes. Jim Brown, founder of research tech firm Tech-Clarity, posed this question on engineering.com.

    Three occurrences are common when CAD data is not properly managed: Inefficiency in data and file retrieval, overwriting hazard and silly mistakes (such as using or referring to the wrong file version).

    How does your company manage CAD data?

    Enhance Your Workflow. Unlock Your Productivity:

    Organize Folder Hierarchy

    Folder hierarchy and naming systems are extremely important to overall design efficiency and streamlined workflows. Vault Mirror is a program designed to restructure your process for a more efficient system.

    Check out how Vault Mirror can update and organize your design processes.

    Have you found any relevant CAD tutorials or articles? Share the wealth of knowledge with your peers in the comments below!

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