CAD Links Worth Your Time [June 2014]

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    CAD links JuneKeep your 3D skills sharp with do-it-yourself CAD education using the links below. 

    Enhance Your SketchUp Experience with Plugins and Extensions

    SketchUp is powerful, but these plugins and extensions make it even more so.

    However, finding the right plugins can be like finding a needle in a haystack. You can easily waste a chunk of time looking for the right plugin with the plethora of options available in the extension warehouse and elsewhere.

    That’s why Designer Hacks compiled a list of the five most useful plugins that their designers use daily. They chose the following plugins:

    • Flatten
    • Remove Lonely Vertices
    • Weld
    • Make Faces
    • Joint Push Pull

    Explore what these plugins are all about and how they can streamline your design process.

    A tool that didn’t make the list, but comes in handy nonetheless is 3Skeng. 3Skeng is an extension that enables you to create and edit pipelines and other steel structure elements. Use this video tutorial by SketchUp School to get started.

    Polish Your SolidWorks Skills

    As a 3D professional, you know that organization is key when designing. This is true in any software, including SolidWorks. An improperly named file or folder can lead to mayhem when backtracking to edit.

    Use this series of video tutorials about designing a robot, remote control and subwoofer to learn effective organization methods and develop more standardized processes. 

    Learn AutoCAD Basics

    Everyone has to start from square one, and these two videos help you do just that. Explore what AutoCAD has to offer your design sessions. Learn how to insert objects to a new construct drawing and learn how to surface models with the surface network, surface patch, surface trim and surface blend tools.

    Expand Your Software Horizons with BricsCAD and TurboCAD 

    Diversify your CAD modeling capabilities by expanding your software horizons. Use these two videos to learn some of the basics from BricsCAD and TurboCAD. 

    Furthermore, BricsCAD is newly compatible with 3Dconnexion 3D mice—so you’ll never have to skip a beat when navigating the new software.

    The Seven Habits of a Great Draftsperson

    These seven habits will help you become a better draftsperson or designer. Learn to enhance your visualization skills, improve your attention to detail and master perspective drawing.

    What other habits would you recommend for a well-rounded 3D professional?

    Have you found any relevant CAD tutorials or articles? Share the wealth of knowledge with your peers in the comments below!

    Improve Your Creativity Starting Today

    Creativity isn’t a gift. It’s a skill. And you can improve it—beginning today. The Creativity Handbook for 3D Professionals is a manual packed with habits, tools and hacks that will make you more creative, more often.

    This handbook has 25+ pages of information that will help you boost your design creativity and improve your career. Get started today.

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