Continuing Your CAD Education

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    3D designWhether you're a beginner or an expert, we've put together CAD tutorials, links and lessons that can help you continue your 3D education.

    Tutorials for Beginners

    Convert 3D Isometric Diagrams into 2D Views

    In this short video tutorial, you’ll learn how to convert your 3D isometric diagram into 2D orthographic views in AutoCAD. This tutorial comes in handy for anyone looking to demonstrate the various individual parts that make up the overall design.

    Model Basic Shapes in 3ds Max

    Before diving into a large-scale design project, you must first learn the basics of modeling. Various modeling techniques allow for variety in design. Once mastered, these skills will propel your designs to the next level. 

    Start today with this comprehensive tutorial on modeling shapes in 3ds Max. 

    Learn the Basics of Maya 

    New to Maya? Master the art of creating a 3D environment in Maya with this robust set of beginner’s tutorials. Walk through the interface and setting preferences, then get your feet wet with geometry modeling basics, pivots and hypershade.

    Intermediate Tutorials 

    Pattern Tools in 123D Design

    Many CAD designs incorporate the use of patterns. Learn to easily use the pattern functionality in 123D Design (Autodesk’s free CAD software) with this quick video tutorial via adafruit.

    Master Soft Selection in 3ds Max

    The soft selection panel is an often underutilized tool. However, this simple tool is useful when modeling characters in 3ds Max. Learn to group selected vertices and adjust tapering for maximum control with this video tutorial. 

    When Life Gives You Lemons, Model Them 

    Create a realistic, juicy lemon with this step-by-step guide provided by CGArena using 3ds Max and V-Ray. From shaping and modeling to texturizing, this tutorial walks you through the process of modeling still life with your own CG twist to it. 

    Model a Female Character

    Work through the creation of a female character in Blender through Soni Kumari’s thorough step-by-step guide on Tuts+. Are you ready to master character modeling?

    Model the Interior Design of a Living Room Using SketchUp and V-Ray 

    Interior designer and 3D architectural visualizer, Mario Goleš, walks through his process of using SketchUp to design and V-Ray to render his interior design concepts. Explore Goleš’ workflow and discover his four biggest tips for working in this style.   

    Master Surfacing in Autodesk Inventor

    Learn how to surface right within Inventor, no other applications needed! This course walks through basic training and provides a deep-dive section where you’ll learn to apply the surfacing techniques to your own projects.

    Have you come across other valuable CAD tutorials? Share them with your peers in the comment section below!

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