CAD Links Worth Your Time [April 2014]

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    CAD Links - AprilKeep your 3D skills sharp with this month’s CAD education links.

    Find Out the Eight Things You Must Know About Proof of Concept

    For mechanical design engineers, proof of concept is a useful way to showcase individual product features for clients. While important, there are pitfalls during the proof of concept process that mechanical engineers may fall into—including setting unrealistic expectations, committing to unreasonable production timelines, and more.

    Avoid these traps and streamline the proof of concept process with these eight tips. They’ll show you how to make sure your proof of concept has the intended effect—on both your design and the client’s expectations. 

    How to Manage Configurations in SolidWorks 2014

    A configuration in SolidWorks 2014 is a variation of a your model setup through parameters of your choosing, such as dimension, sketch planes, color and a plethora of other options.  They essentially let you display model variations concurrently—improving your designs and streamlining your design process. 

    Learn how to use this feature in SolidWorks 2014 with this short, informative video tutorial. You’ll be exploring your model’s possibilities in no time. 

    Model a Tire / Tyre in Autodesk Inventor [Beginner Tutorial]

    Welcome to the world of Autodesk Inventor. Maybe you’re a CAD novice. Or, you’re learning a new software package. Either way, this beginner tutorial (the first of several) teaches you how to model a tire. In the process, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Inventor—and Autodesk even provides the dataset for download to help you practice.

    Take a Crash Course in Revit Structure 2014 [Beginner Tutorial]

    Learn the fundamentals of structural engineering in Autodesk Revit from these 19 videos provided by Infinite Skills and authored by Shaun Bryant (and brought to our attention on the CADTutor site).

    Designed for beginners, this tutorial set takes you through the basics of Revit Structure 2014, from an overview of the toolbar and available menu options to modifying graphical column schedules and annotating details.

    Get Gothic in SketchUp [Intermediate Tutorial]

    Gothic architecture is one of the world’s great building styles. Sketchucation shows you how to make this historic style all your own using distinctly modern technology—namely SketchUp.

    Their two-part series, titled Modelling a Gothic Window, will show you the step-by-step process needed to design this building feature in SketchUp. Complete with large visuals, check out Part 1 and Part 2, and get started today!

    Architects: Master Door and Window Manipulation in AutoCAD

    A beautiful, architecturally sound building without doors and windows is just a waste of space. Fix that problem with these step-by-step AutoCAD tutorials: They will teach you how to add windows and corner windows, create endcaps and move doors, and modify door and window assemblies through these in-depth, step-by-step resources.

    Learn a New Way to Measure Valve Wear-and-Tear

    David Tyner at the Industrial Piping Design Blog shows you a new way to measure the possible wear-and-tear of industrial valve operation right within your 3ds Max software. Tyner uses SNAP (Stem Nut Analysis Protractor) to quantify the wear of stem threads on hand values.

    And you can learn, too! Just check out his post and video on the subject here.

    Create a 3D Alarm Clock in AutoCAD

    Learn to freestyle a 3D alarm clock in AutoCAD with this extensive video tutorial. In just 14 minutes, Mufasu CAD will take you through the process, buttons and features you need in AutoCAD to start your 3D clock ticking. 

    Find any other useful links this month? Share them with your peers in the comments below!

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