CAD Links Worth Your Time — March

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Mar 25, 2014 8:22:00 AM

    CAD LinksBrush up on your modeling skills with this month’s roundup of valuable CAD, CAM and 3D links.

    Improve Your CAD Workflow

    Organization and workflow in CAD projects are vital, especially when working with a team. This article outlines the six ways you can clean up your CAD housekeeping.

    Learn why it is important to define primary shapes, separate construction elements, use automated options, differentiate special surfaces with colors, and name critical parts in your design.

    An important take away from this article: Everything you do in CAD should contribute to maximizing efficiency. Get started by reading it today.

    Equip Yourself With Stellar CAD Hardware 

    The right software is only half the battle in the quest for efficient and effective CAD tools. Do you know which graphics card, processor, hard drive and mouse are the right fit for a job well done?

    This article pulls together what you need to know about each aspect of your CAD workstation.

    Master the Art of Rendering

    Rendering can be a tedious and time-consuming task. To combat this, a panel of seven 3D professionals compiled their best rendering tips. These top 10 tips explore lighting, color correction and texture rendering.

    Make your render time count. 

    Explore the Character Generator

    For quick tests, explore Autodesk’s new character generator. The character generator enables you to create 3D characters with ease using simple slider bars. The character is still your own—it just takes less time to model! 

    Introduction to Rigging in Maya 

    Maya is a powerful 3D animation tool made even more powerful by its rigging capabilities. Jahirul Amin, a lecturer at the National Centre for Computer Animation, has shared a series of videos to explain rigging tools and the step-by-step processes associated with rigging a human subject. They’re sure to help empower your 3D designs in Maya. 

    AutoCAD Designers: Learn to Insert Doors Within a Wall 

    Back to the basics: If you’re just getting your feet wet with AutoCAD, this is a great tutorial to absorb. This tutorial takes you through the eight-step process of how to insert and reposition doors within a wall.

    Find any other useful CAD, CAM or 3D articles this month? Share them in the comments below!

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