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    Helpful CAD LinksNeed to tune up your designs or dive into a completely new project to keep your skills sharp? These eight links are your ticket to new skills and deeper CAD knowledge. 

    A Comprehensive Look at Arnold for Maya

    Arnold Global Illumination Renderer (more modestly known as “Arnold”) is a Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer. The tool is designed to enhance film animation and movie effects.

    Arnold is perfect for filmmakers and 3D environment creators who need pro render capabilities. As a bonus feature, the tool also shortens render time!

    Arnold’s creators boast that it is photorealistic, easy to use and memory efficient. Get started with this comprehensive guide to Arnold for Maya by EVERMOTION. This one-hour video tutorial will take you through sample settings, lights, optimization and a whole host of other need-to-know basics before you implement it in your own projects. 

    Create a Forest Scene in 3ds Max

    No matter the view outside your window, why not escape to a livelier oasis of your own creation? Test your 3ds Max skills and take a stab at creating a forest scene of your own. Learn how to render clouds, map horizons and model grass and trees—all while learning key 3ds Max features.

    Explore Rhino’s New ApplyShutLining Tool

    Originally, the only way to create panel-parting lines was through additive and destructive processes. You needed to be positive that your panel-parting lines were exactly where you wanted them, because there was no going back.

    Those days are over. Now, Rhino 5 has a simple and intuitive way of creating panel-parting lines on your model in an impermanent way! Take five minutes out of your day to learn about the all-new ApplyShutLining tool with this video tutorial.

    Create 3D Chattering Toy Teeth in Cinema 4D

    Get your mind off your more stressful designs for work with this fun video tutorial.  Create these wacky chattering toy teeth in Cinema 4D while you explore the use of connectors and springs with dynamic objects.

    Behind the Processes of One Accomplished Architect

    Design processes vary greatly between different designers and different fields. And for designers, process is everything: getting insight into someone else’s is a great way to reassess and update your own.

    Take a behind the scenes look at how architect Matthias Arndt conceived and created his project, Dune House. You might just learn something applicable to your own work!

    Release Your Inner Architect with 3ds Max and V-Ray

    Looking to expand your architectural design skills? These 40 lessons, spanning almost six hours, will start you off in the right direction. Use these videos to familiarize yourself with various modeling techniques for creating architectural facades, and learn how to optimize lighting, camera angles and render settings.

    Please note that to access all 40 lessons, a subscription is required. But hey, can you really put a price on the value of learning?

    How to Model a Spring in Autodesk Inventor

    Simple, but helpful: this tutorial takes you through the step-by-step process of creating a basic spring in Autodesk Inventor. It’s especially useful for beginners and intermediate users looking to improve their skills.

    SketchUp and the 3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro

    Not sure if the SpacePilot Pro is the right tool for your design work? Workshop Addict has you covered. This video provides a user's first impressions of the SpacePilot Pro working in SketchUp.

    Find any useful industry related links last month? Share it with your fellow CAD professionals in the comments below!

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