3D Modelers Need This One Tool for Better Designs

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Dec 20, 2013 4:02:00 AM

    3D Modeler PostWhenever you’re designing something in 3D, creativity matters. Without a close connection to your model, you risk not delivering the best possible result, stifling your potential and even the opportunity for future projects.

    Whatever 3D modeling software you use, there’s one tool that helps you develop a deeper connection to your 3D content, resulting in better designs and enhanced creativity.

    It’s called a 3D mouse.

    A 3D mouse works in tandem with your standard mouse for a balanced, cooperative two-handed work style. This work style helps people design better, faster and more comfortably in 3D.

    We asked 3D modelers why a 3D mouse was the one tool that led to better designs.

    Here’s what they said.

    It Supercharges Your 3D Navigation

    Navigation is the cornerstone of successful design. Quality and accuracy depends on unimpeded, smooth examination and presentation of 3D content. When deadlines are tight and errors unacceptable, working with a standard mouse on its own just doesn’t cut it.

    Navigating your view or positioning your model with a standard mouse requires lots of repetitive clicking and dragging—plus mouse wheel scrolling. This is often combined with pressing keys on the keyboard. A lot of people put up with this, as it’s the only way they know. But, it’s cumbersome and fundamentally inefficient to channel everything through one hand like this.

    A 3D mouse, however, uses a patented 6-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) sensor that’s specifically designed for interacting with 3D content. Users gently manipulate the 3D mouse controller cap to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D content, freeing up your standard mouse to click and select on-screen items.

    The result is a smoother, more intuitive and more productive 3D experience.

    “The thing I love most about the 3D mouse,” says Martin Meier, owner of Target View 3D Design, “is that I’m able to zoom in on an object and adjust it at the same time. That’s something that really speeds up the workflow. Not to mention, I love its fluid movement when controlling vehicles and planes.”

    Says another 3D modeler, Kevin Cox of AutoCrib: “3D mice solve the challenge of efficient, fluid camera view movement without stopping to change directions using the mouse / keyboard shortcuts.”

    Learn more about what 3D modelers think about 3D mouse navigation in this review from Renderosity. 

    You’ll Unleash Your Creativity

    When you choose to use only a standard mouse, you also run the risk of missing out on some serious creativity gains.

    Creativity isn’t always easy to come by—and sometimes you need ways to jumpstart it. While those tips will get you far, they won’t transform how you think about and interact with your 3D models.

    A 3D mouse will. A 3D mouse’s intuitive navigation lets you explore your content in ways that were previously impossible—giving you the focus needed to dream big. In fact, many 3D mouse users report that using the device is like holding a 3D model in their hand.

    It turns tedious and dull modeling movements into Hollywood-style cinematic movements,” says Cox.

    Find out more about how a 3D mouse enhances creativity in this review from 3DTotal.

    It Improves Your Productivity and Comfort

    Who says you can’t be more productive and more comfortable when working in 3D? Not 3D mouse users. They see average productivity gains of 21%, and decrease mouse movements and clicks by an average of 50%

    Not only can you get more done in less time, but the 3D mouse’s ergonomics and two-handed work style also cut down the risk of repetitive strain injuries, which can debilitate any 3D professional doing prolonged computer work. In fact, 97% of users surveyed in an independent study said that they experienced less pain after using a 3D mouse.

    A 3D mouse is the one tool proven to add value to a 3D modeler’s work—regardless of the software they use. 

    Says Meier, “Getting the job done in less time means starting other projects sooner or starting smaller projects in between.”

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