The 3D Roundup: November

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    As the year draws to a close, we’re thinking a lot about how to make 2014 the best possible year for 3D designs. To that end, check out this month’s awesome 3D software tutorials and inspiring news. Both are sure to jumpstart your design creativity as we round out the year.

    Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

    Looking to refresh your design skills before the year’s over? These tips, tricks and tutorials will get you started:

    • Part Modeling Tips in Solid Edge — Need a helping hand in Solid Edge? These tips and tricks will help you design faster and more accurately starting today.

    What tips and tutorials have you used lately? Let us know in the comments!

    One If By Land, Two If By Air 

    Some incredible technological developments could change the way you drive—and the way you shop—if some of the world’s most innovative companies have their way: 

    • Amazon’s Drones Are Ready to Fly...Supposedly — Ecommerce giant Amazon wants to change the way you receive goods, and they’re looking to the sky to do it. The retailer’s Amazon Prime Air service aims to use autonomous drones for package delivery. We still have yet to see whether or not this is a PR stunt by Amazon or an actual plan to change how retail works. Either way, the concept has people talking...and someone’s delivery drones could be in our future.

    3D Touch is On the Way...

    What if your phone could sense your hand motions, even without you touching the glass? That’s exactly what Nokia plans to include in its new Windows 8.1 handsets. The “3D touch” technology will purportedly let you navigate by “making hand gestures above and to the side of the device,” according to The Verge.

    ...Along with 3D Displays

    And that’s not all the amazing things people are doing with 3D displays: What if you could also take an on-screen image and turn it into a physical representation in real time? The creators of the inFORM have you covered: The machine uses a grid-like arrangement of columns to shape-shift into whatever object is on-screen.

    The result is some of the coolest tech you’ll see in awhile—and one that could have applications for an array of industries.

    Don’t Go Changing

    With all these incredible new technologies available, why not try some of them out in your 3D work? For some engineering firms, that might be harder than it looks, says Desktop Engineering. If you want to champion change, you might have to stick your neck out—or find someone who can.

    “You need someone with enough political capital to take a few bruises. Without that champion, without having someone who’s really invested and can make other people believe in the change, it’s very different to get things changed internally,” one engineering manager told the publication.

    Are you that champion within your organization? 

    Calling All SketchUp Users

    Do you design in SketchUp? There are some common problems you might encounter—and a 3D mouse can help! Check out how a 3D mouse fixes three common SketchUp problems.

    What Are You Doing to Improve Your Designs in the New Year?

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