4 Reasons Mechanical Engineers Need a 3D Mouse

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Sep 13, 2013 4:02:00 AM

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    Everyone feels the pressure. Hit more deadlines. Make more with less. Work harder and faster.

    Mechanical engineers feel it more than most. Manufacturing and design outfits don’t just compete against local firms; they go head to head with global competitors that sometimes have unmatchable price and labor advantages.

    It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there’s no reason you can’t do your engineering work faster, more efficiently and more comfortably.

    Sound too good to be true? It’s not when you use a 3D mouse. Here are four reasons why engineers at many of the world’s most successful companies such as Boeing, BMWEADSGeneral Motors, Honda and JCB choose to work with a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse. 

    1. Superior 3D Navigation

    A 3D mouse is used by your non-dominant hand in tandem with a standard mouse for a balanced, cooperative work style. You gently manipulate the 3D mouse’s controller cap to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D content while your standard mouse is free to select menu items of parts of the model.  

    This isn’t a novel way to work. Or a luxury. It fundamentally improves the way you interact with your CAD application.

    2. Increased Productivity

    Thanks to the inherent benefits of using two hands at the same time, 3D mouse users see average productivity gains of 21%. 

    It’s easy to see how the time is saved. Imagine peeling a potato when it’s held in a vice. You can’t peel it while you change its position. Then, try holding it in your non-dominant hand while you peel it with the other. We’re designed to use both hands at the same time and this is the core ethos of the 3D mouse workflow.

    You can also map your favorite application commands to the programmable buttons on some 3D mouse models (see the SpaceMouse® Pro and SpacePilot® Pro from 3Dconnexion) to save even more time.

    See exactly how much time and money you’d save if you were using a 3D mouse with our payback calculator.

    3. Enhanced Comfort

    Tired of clicking and dragging your way around parts and assemblies? With a 3D mouse, you position the model without burdensome, excessive mouse clicks, leaving your standard mouse to do what it does best (move the mouse cursor to select, create and edit).

    You also move your standard mouse a lot less, all of which adds up to fewer muscle movements and a reduced risk of repetitive strain injuries. 

    4. 3D Mice Work with Your Engineering Software 

    3D mice are supported by the majority of engineering software applications, including: 

    • SolidWorks
    • Inventor
    • NX
    • Solid Edge
    • CATIA
    • PTC Creo
    • Rhinoceros
    • ZW3D 

    And more. Find a full list of software that supportes 3Dconnexion 3D mice here.

    Additional 3D Mouse Resources 

    Are you an engineer who wants to get more done in less time? Find out more about a 3D mouse’s advantages with these additional resources: 

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