The 3D Roundup: July

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Aug 20, 2013 8:56:00 AM

    3D designIncredible 3D printed objects. Jaw-dropping film special effects. Useful tips, tricks and tutorials. That’s right, it’s another banner month in the world of 3D!

    This month’s 3D Roundup has news you can use, engaging examples of 3D effects and tips straight from the experts on how to raise your design game.

    Printing the Future

    While current 3D printers have some significant limitations, the minds at TED are already thinking about what to print in the near future. You have to check out their list of 10 surprising things we might be 3D printing soon: it includes 3D printed food and rocket parts!

    The Future of Manufacturing Skills

    The future isn’t all about 3D printing, though. Manufacturing and the skills needed to build the future are important, too. Check out how 3Dconnexion is pairing with non-profit SkillsUSA to help train the next generation of engineers and manufacturers!

    3D Design on the Silver Screen 

    Whether you favor romance, action, horror or a host of other film genres, everyone likes a good movie. And for 3D enthusiasts, today’s movies are breaking new ground and delighting in new ways. 

    Over at the 3DxBlog, we look at three franchises that are pushing the 3D envelope. Get ready: it contains appearances by some lovable Pixar characters and your favorite superheroes! 

    Design of the Dead 

    Zombies have an undying appeal to movie audiences. World War Z, a zombie thriller based on the novel by Max Brooks, is no exception: 

    Check out this fascinating, in-depth look at how the film’s 3D designers created World War Z’s undead hordes.

    The Force Will Be With You...Always

    But computer-generated effects might not be. The announcement of a confirmed Star Wars VII film has fans excited and nervous in equal measure after LucasFilm’s acquisition by Disney.

    One bit of news about the film stands out:

    According to the film’s reps, the movie will return to its roots and focus heavily on filming at real locations—instead of using the CGI-heavy sets common in later Star Wars films.

    Don’t worry: We’re sure there will still be plenty of dazzling 3D effects. But this emphasis on the original trilogy’s filming style could be just the breath of fresh air the franchise needs.

    3D Tutorials to Sharpen Your Skills

    For those of you who want to improve your 3D skills, here are some tutorials to help you out:

    • Maya Tutorials: 40 Awesome Projects to Try Today — Crazy about Maya? CreativeBloq offers dozens of new projects to try out, ranging from a beginner’s guide to advanced lessons on creating things like particle effects and stormy seas.

    Have a useful 3D tutorial? Share it with us on Facebook and Twitter, where we’re cultivating a community of 3D professionals interested in design education.

    Reviews and Tips 

    Hungry for more 3D tips, tricks and reviews? We’ve got you covered:

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