The 3D Roundup: March 2013

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    3D mice, Duratec and 3D designIf you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like us, spring is coming. However, the Southern Hemisphere is just buckling down for the colder months. And if you’re near the Equator, well, the temperature is pretty consistent.

    That means we all have something in common: It’s perfect weather for designing!

    That’s right. For those in the North, spring is a time of new growth—and that can apply to your work in 3D. Southerners, why would you want to go outside anyway? Stay inside and design great things! And those with little fluctuation in temperatures? Today is just another great day in the world of 3D.

    No matter where you live, check out our 3D Roundup to learn some design tricks, find new inspiration and keep up with all the 3D news happening as the seasons shift. 

    3D Design Gets a Breath of Fresh Air

    Several companies are blossoming in the 3D design space, although some are playing things close to the chest. Startup Belmont Technologies just raised $25 million more for its company, which is working on next-gen CAD software—though few details have emerged about the software itself.

    While we don’t know just how Belmont Technologies is going to change the CAD game, we do know that design company Lagoa unveiled a completely cloud-based 3D design platform. The new service gives users powerful design services and charges based on how many hours they spend rendering, instead of levying a flat fee. 

    As more CAD technology moves to the cloud, one startup, London-based 3D Industri.es, wants to make 3D designs easier to find with a search engine that collects the world’s 3D files all in one place.

    3D Printing for All

    While the cloud is having a serious impact on 3D design, so is the crowd. A contest launched at the popular South by Southwest (SXSW) tech and interactive event in Austin, Texas aims to crowdsource the design for a 3D printed rocket.

    The design will be collaboratively created on design platform Sunglass.io and the finished product should be capable of flying to low-Earth orbit. The contest’s top prize is $10,000, so start your engines!

    $10,000 might be a lot of money, but 3D printing enthusiasts might need far less than that to buy an enterprise-grade 3D printer, according to some analysts. Research firm Gartner predicts that enterprise-class 3D printers will drop under $2,000 by 2016. Who knows? Soon, a super-powered 3D printer might be in every household! 

    Before that time comes, though, you might need a primer on 3D printing. This guide explains exactly what 3D printing is, how it works and why it’s important.

    Nurture Your Design Skills

    It’s never too late to learn new designs, software or techniques. If you haven’t tried using a 3D mouse with your favorite design software, now is the perfect time. Check out this post on all the navigation benefits 3D mice offer, straight from some our of most passionate users!

    Even if you’re familiar with a 3D mouse, you might not know all the ways one can be used.

    Check out how a 3D mouse enhances designs in Revit in this comprehensive review over at the What Revit Wants blog.

    Also, you need to check out this new SketchUp plugin at SketchThis.Net. The plugin offers a vast library of dynamic components that makes creating stunning new kitchen designs that much easier, and faster. Even if you’re not a kitchen designer, the plugin was made by a design enthusiast like you, and is distributed via the cloud. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration to create tools that push 3D design forward in your industry!

    What new technologies will you try out this month? What designs or design skills are you trying to freshen up? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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