The 3D Roundup: November 2012

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Dec 7, 2012 12:35:00 PM

    A collection of articles featuring 3D design tips & tricks, company news, product updates and more.

    MakerBot 3D Printer3D Printing: How Big Will it Be?

    In October’s post, we touched on the takeover of 3D printing. This month, there’s a lot more interesting industry chatter to share.

    MakerBot, one of the first to the 3D printing scene, considers itself to be “part of the next industrial revolution,” enabling the masses to turn virtual designs into reality. Founder Bre Pettis (@bre) explains more about the printers’ capabilities, and the MakerBot community in an in-depth Q&A with Dani Fankhauser (@danifankhauser).

    Tom Foremski (@tomforemski) explores the possibilities of 3D printing with former Wired editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson (@chr1sa), who believes that the technology will be “bigger than the web.”

    In response, Chris from 3DEngr.com offers his take on if 3D printing really is the “new industrial revolution,” His argument? It’s too early to tell, as 3D printers as at-home devices are still at least several years out.

    Chris predicts that, a technological infrastructure will start cropping up before it becomes something household. Think along the lines of Kinko’s stores or, to use the ever popular corollary of desktop printing, the racks and racks of printer cartridges carried by office supply stores.” [Emphasis added]

    Stepping up to this challenge, office-supply retailer Staples will offer in-store 3D printing service in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2013. Customers will be able to upload designs to the Staples website, and pick up printed objects at a local store.

    Just-For-Fun Video

    Actor Jason Gray-Stanford transforms before your eyes into four completely different characters in this video, created by Legacy Effects and shared by Sam Green of Objet. Technically, this video wasn’t November news, but it’s just too cool not to include ;-)

    AU 2012: Updates At-a-Glance

    Companies that attended last week’s Autodesk University took advantage of the large gathering to announce new CAD-related products. Here’s just a sampling of what’s new:

    We were also at AU last week in Vegas. If you were unable to attend, check back next week for an event recap.

    3Dconnexion: November Updates

    Now, you can unleash the power of Rhino with a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse. With last month’s hotly anticipated release of Rhino 5, including a completely re-engineered 3Dconnexion 3D mouse integration, users can take advantage of a benchmark setting 3D navigation experience, including:

    • Intelligent 3D Navigation—When working in object mode, the 3D mouse automatically follows your point of interest to continuously determine the optimal center of rotation.

    • Enhanced Camera Navigation—Manipulate models comfortably by choosing between three navigation modes: Camera, Target Camera or Helicopter.

    • Customizable Buttons—Quickly assign commonly-used commands to the 3D mouse function keys, saving time, and reducing keyboard and standard mouse use.

    Rhino 5 is compatible with all currently supported 3Dconnexion mice. View a quick video to learn more about how to enhance Rhino 5 using a 3D mouse.

    What Did We Miss?

    Share your favorite 3D design articles from the month with us in the comments below.

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