Design SolidWorks 3D Models More Efficiently Using a 3D Mouse

    Posted by Mark Driscoll on Nov 6, 2012 11:49:00 PM

    SolidWorks Motoczysz DesignIf you’re a SolidWorks 3D CAD software user, you’ve experienced the intuitive user interface and powerful capabilities that speed up the design process for 3D modeling. The latest developments in 3D hardware allow designers to improve this process even more—particularly with a 3D mouse.

    Certain 3D mice are specifically designed for use in CAD systems like SolidWorks, which help engineers transform their 3D concepts like never before. Whether you work in SolidWorks Standard, Professional or Premium, the perks of coupling the software with a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse are extremely convincing. With the ability to pan, zoom and rotate the model or camera as if you’re holding it in your hand, you’ll accelerate your work process to become faster, more fluid and efficient.

    Read on to see what you can unleash with this intelligent 3D duo.

    Intelligent 3D Navigation

    3D mice provide SolidWorks users with a level of design interaction that is simply unattainable when using a standard mouse and keyboard alone. The breakthrough simplicity of 3Dconnexion’s controller cap lets you pan, zoom and rotate simultaneously as opposed to one movement at a time with a standard mouse — meaning no interruption of your thought process and 3Dconnexion's Intelligent 3D Navigation technology means the 3D mouse automatically follows your point of interest to continuously determine the optimal center of rotation. Users agree that 3Dconnexion's advanced ergonomic designs offer effortless navigation when using SolidWorks, making 3D mice an invaluable, time-saving CAD tool.

    Leveraging a micro-precision six-degrees-of-freedom optical sensor, 3D mice provide SolidWorks users with convenient and natural control, no matter which of the following modes you’re working in:

    • Sketch Mode—Sketch or edit with a standard mouse, while effortlessly panning and zooming the work place with the 3D mouse.

    • Part Modeling Mode—Smoothly transition views of a model from several different angles with the 3D mouse, and simultaneously add or adjust features with a standard mouse.

    • Assembly Mode—Build assemblies faster by positioning the view with the 3D mouse, while selecting component faces with the standard mouse.

    • Drawing Mode—Pan and zoom the drawing sheet, while creating and placing drawing views, dimensions and annotations.

    Increased Design Speed

    Depending on the 3D mouse model, you can also optimize your workflow by programming your most commonly used commands to the 3D mouse function keys. This complements standard features, such as the zoom-to-fit button and more advanced ones like the QuickView keys or Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Escape keyboard modifiers, providing one-click execution for increased speed and less time spent moving the hand to the keyboard.

    For example, if you use component mating or are into smart dimensions, just hit the preprogrammed mate button—instead of searching on the tool bar for icons— or moving your hand to the keyboard hotkey. By using a 3D mouse with SolidWorks, you’ll find you quickly develop a deeper connection to your models.

    Simple, Intuitive Functionality

    Think that working with a 3D mouse will be cumbersome and unnatural? In fact, 78% of users become proficient with their 3D mouse within two weeks, and see productivity average increases of 21%

    Whether you're working on large model or focusing on details, 3Dconnexion's Intelligent 3D Navigation continuously determines the optimal center of rotation so you always feel connected to your model. And, the 3D mouse is context-sensitive too, meaning it adapts to each new application environment, letting you flow seamlessly through the design process.

    Increased Comfort

    With the ergonomic benefits of 3D mice, you'll divide the workload between two hands, providing a more comfortable working experience. In addition, using a 3D mouse with SolidWorks will significantly reduce the number of standard mouse movements and clicks while working, helping to fight fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome, an unfortunately common complaint from designers that use standard mice for extended periods of time.

    Accelerate Your SolidWorks Performance

    3Dconnexion 3D mice complement the many design improvements and capabilities offered in SolidWorks, helping today’s engineers transform concepts into profitable results.

    With a 3D mouse, you can work smarter and faster in SolidWorks, and benefit from an ultimate level of control and intelligent 3D navigation. As one user explains, “I can't live without [a 3D SpaceExplorer] now that I've used it for a little over a year. I end up traveling with it and taking it home on weekends.”

    Throughout the complete design process, you’ll finish faster in every mode, and wonder how you ever worked without one.

    To learn more, watch 3Dconnexion’s SpacePilot in action with SolidWorks.

    Do you use a 3D mouse with SolidWorks? Share your tips for enhanced design performance.

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