As a CAD Professional, Is Wireless Right for You?

    Posted by Tony Lonergan on Dec 18, 2017 11:00:00 AM

    cmw_hand_b.jpgNowadays, nearly every business equips their employees with the technology for them to succeed not only in the office, but out of the office, too. CAD professionals and companies are no different.

    With work environments changing and more CAD professionals becoming mobile, there is an increasing need for wireless CAD technology. But, how do you know if wireless is right for you? Consider the following scenarios and read on for benefits of some of today’s top wireless CAD hardware.

    You May Be a Part of a Flexible Workplace

    By now, you’ve probably heard of or been a part of a flexible workplace, which allows employees to work from home, work part-time, work untraditional business hours, or other flexible arrangement. Flexible work options not only encourage work-life balance for many, but they also allow people to work when they are most productive.

    You May Be an On the Go Employee

    Many of today’s CAD professionals travel often, whether it’s to meet with potential clients, international teams or other satellite offices, or simply to attend industry events and conferences. The challenge has always been keeping up with workloads when in between flights and producing the same high quality work. 

    You May Be a Remote Employee or CAD Freelancer

    Finally, many CAD professionals opt to work remotely—whether it is at their homes, a coffee shop, library or other setting. Freelancers, especially, work remotely in their own space since they do not have a traditional office like many other CAD professionals. Their workspace may change day to day, but they’re still in need of top of the line CAD hardware.

    The Benefits of Wireless CAD Tools

    If one of these work styles fits your current situation, a wireless setup may be a perfect fit for you. Wireless tech, like the Cadmouse Wireless or SpaceMouse Wireless Kit allow you to remain just as productive by offering the same functionality and commands as you would have with wired technology.

    The CadMouse Wireless, for example, is built around performance and precision, and ergonomic design to make CAD work as comfortable as possible, no matter where you are. Benefits of the CadMouse Wireless include: 

    • Mobile compact design
    • Rechargeable battery, with one charge lasting up to two months
    • Triple connectivity
    • Smart Mouse Wheel
    • Quick Zoom
    • Radial menu to access favorite commands

    For two-handed power on the go, the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit comes with the SpaceMouse Wireless, which is the first-ever wireless 3D mouse, CadMouse Wireless, a CadMouse Pad Compact and a universal receiver for connectivity. The added mobility of the kit allows mobile and remote CAD professionals to still perform and deliver quality designs no matter their workspace. Benefits of the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit include:

    • Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Sensor
    • Radial menu functions
    • Ergonomic design
    • All CadMouse Wireless features
    • Customizability with the 3DxWare 10 software driver

    The quality of your CAD work, comfort and design experience shouldn’t suffer due to your work schedule or changing environment. By investing in a wireless CAD tool, work can continue seamlessly without interruption.

    SpaceMouse Wireless Kit

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