9 More Creativity Hacks To Beat Design Blocks

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Oct 22, 2015 10:00:00 AM

    Creative blocks always seem to happen at the worst time. With deadlines looming, you stare at the computer screen waiting for the ideas to come. We’ve shown you ways to hack your brain in the past to jumpstart your creativity. Here are some additional recommendations to get a creative boost.

    Reset Your Brain

    For many, just taking your mind off the project for a short while can be more beneficial than trying to power through. This allows your mind to reset and take a fresh look at your design. Try one of these options for stimulating your mind:

    • Take a bike ride: Not only is it healthy, but riding through varying scenery can give your brain a break—and inspire ideas.
    • Start drawing freely: Sketching and scribbling can open up your imagination to new ideas. Many have an easier time sketching what’s in their head as opposed to trying to create it on the computer.
    • Go to a museum: Taking in other creative works can help you focus on what made them great, which can offer a fresh inspiration to your design.

    Approach Your Design from a Different Angle

    It could be that your routine or usual approach to your project is getting a little stale. Looking at your project from a different angle may open your design to new possibilities. These suggestions are a starting point to think differently:

    • Mimic your favorite designer: We all have designers who inspire us. Approach your project in their style. Challenge yourself to think as they do and design like they do. Even if their style is very different from your own, the design will likely become an interesting combination of both.
    • Collaborate with mentors: If mimicking your favorite designer doesn’t work, try reaching out to them. If that’s not possible, you’ve probably got local designers that you know who might collaborate on the design. Even if just getting some new advice, it’s likely to spark some excitement in you.
    • Design it wrong: Sometimes it just helps to get started. If you know there are flaws in the plan, move forward anyway. Then come back and fix them. By that time, your creativity will hopefully have kicked back into gear and you’ll be able to look at designs with a fresh perspective.
    • Come up with multiple design ideas: Part of what’s shutting down your creative brain may be the stress of coming up with one perfect design. Relieve that pressure by coming up with multiple design solutions. Then choose the best one or best combination of ideas.

    Change Your Environment

    Sometimes just changing your work environment can break up your routine and make a big difference.

    • Work somewhere new: With mobile devices, it’s easier than ever to work remotely. Try working from home for a day or somewhere that inspires you. Or, do the opposite and go somewhere that makes you uncomfortable to see how that causes you to think differently.
    • Crank up the music: If working remotely isn’t an option, crank up your music in your workstation. Besides helping you drown out distractions, certain areas of the creative brain are activated when music plays.

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