8 Of The Best CAD Sites Online

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on May 13, 2015 9:00:00 AM


    We read a lot of CAD content and, like having a lot of relatives, picking a favorite is tough. You love all of them for different reasons. But we wanted to suggest a few choice sites that we think provide tremendous value for CAD professionals.

    They’re some of the best sites we’ve found to increase your CAD knowledge and stay up-to-date with the industry. We highly recommend you check them out to stay ahead of the CAD curve.

    1. GrabCAD

    GrabCAD makes a collaborative CAD file management product for engineers, but in their spare time, company employees share their expertise for 3D professionals on the GrabCAD blog. Articles cover everything from rapid prototyping to mechanical engineering to corporate culture and strategy.

    2. Develop3D

    If you need to stay updated on the world of CAD software and hardware, look no further than Develop3D. The print and online publication puts out regular expert content on industry news, new products and software tutorials.

    3. SolidSmack

    Josh Mings over at SolidSmack is one of the go-to guys in the industry for dynamic articles on CAD software, design and all the technology in between. As a bonus, the site publishes content that isn’t just useful, but also wildly entertaining.

    4. Design & Motion

    This blog is one of the most useful resources for Autodesk specialists and engineers of all stripes. You’ll get expert tips, tutorials, product news, reviews and occassional posts relating to SolidWorks and Solid Edge for good measure—all from a dedicated group of CAD / CAM users with decades of experience.

    5. Engineering.com

    One of the premier content destinations for engineers, Engineering.com provides a comprehensive view of engineering-related news and analysis across multiple industries. If you read one thing at the end of the day to improve your engineering career, make it this site.

    6. SketchUcation

    Love SketchUp? You’ve come to the right place. SketchUcation is where passionate fans go to learn the latest about the software.

    7. Shapeways

    Shapeways is the premier marketplace for designing and selling goods created with 3D software. Just upload your design, and Shapeways 3D prints it for you—all while you sell to interested buyers. The service also has killer blog content for designers everywhere. We’re big fans of Shapeways’ Designer Spotlight series, which dives deeper into prominent designers’ inspirations and back stories.

    8. 3DTotal

    1.5 million visitors per month check out this one-stop shop for everything CG related – especially its free tutorials and industry news. An added bonus: The site offers a free texture gallery to get you started on your next big design.

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