7 Resources to Help You Commit to Being a Self-Learner

    Posted by Tony Lonergan on May 17, 2017 10:45:00 AM

    self learning.jpegAs the workforce continues to develop, the demands grow greater for fast-learning, knowledgeable engineers who are able to keep up with the advancements in their field. Today’s engineers and CAD designers must work quickly and efficiently; however, this can leave little time for professional development.

    Research shows that occupations in the science and engineering fields have consistently been on the rise since the 1960s.[1] Because the field is growing, it is also becoming more competitive. To stay competitive, engineers must make it a priority to continue their education, which can be difficult as many online courses have a strict schedule. We’ve included seven helpful resources that you can start using on your own time.

    1. Engineering for Change Academic Webinars

    Engineering for Change is an organization dedicated to building a coalition of change agents to develop solutions for challenges in underserved communities. On their site, users can tune into online webinars each month covering topics on technology, sustainable development in engineering and more.

    While learning about new tech and advancements, users can also see how their work in a variety of engineering disciplines impacts the world on a larger scale.

    2. Vendor YouTube Channels 

    A number of CAD software vendors have their very own YouTube channel where they upload new videos regularly. These videos come in the form of tutorials, software updates and news, educational webinars and more. By subscribing, designers and engineers can receive email updates straight to their inbox when a new video is posted.

    3. Open Education Consortium

    The Open Education Consortium is a site that includes free learning materials on any field from some of the world’s most renowned universities around the world. On the site, users have access to courses, textbooks and more. Visitors simply select which country they’re from, select a university or course of study, and are then given access to educational materials to dive into on their own time.

    4. Access Engineering Library

    The Access Engineering Library is an online library regularly updated with the newest engineering resources, including books, instructional videos, charts and maps, calculators, interactive tables and more. Visitors can also save many of the materials right to their desktop for quick reference as they’re working through their day-to-day CAD or engineering activities. self learning 2.jpg

    5. Khan Academy

    The Khan Academy is an online portal of videos and educational resources that cover math, science, computer programming and more. It’s known for taking some of the most complex topics and breaking them down to help you easily understand them. This can help new engineers keep up with new advancements, and help professionals brush up on the topics they haven’t revisited in a while. It includes more than 100,000 interactive courses, so you feel like you’re in the classroom without ever having to leave your home.

    6. eFunda

    Efunda is a one-stop shop for engineers and designers alike who need to brush up on mathematics, engineering processes and more. The site gives access to different types of calculators, conversion charts and other educational materials, serving as a quick reference guide for engineers.

    7. National Society of Professional Engineers

    The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) is currently offering 15 on-demand webinars for its members. Courses cover professional development topics, engineering ethics, and trends in engineering. ThoseSME_detail_top_shadow_LCD_Display_RGB_highres.pngwho are or become a paying member of NSPE also have access to dozens of benefits, including online communities, networking events, and other online educational courses.

    Learn as You Work with the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

    There is no better way to learn than by doing. With the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit, a bundle of CAD tools, engineers and designers can navigate quickly and easily through their models with two-handed power. The SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit includes the SpaceMouse Enterprise 3D mouse, a CadMouse, a CadMouse Pad and a twin-port USB hub and the customizable 3DxWare 10 software driver.

    Users can quickly learn all of the capabilities of their software and the potential for each model with the kit. The SpaceMouse Enterprise positions 3D models while the CadMouse creates with uninterrupted movement on the CadMouse Pad.

    Check out the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit here.

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