5 Innovations From SXSW Skyrocketing Us Into the Future

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Jun 15, 2016 10:30:00 AM

    Screen_Shot_2016-06-07_at_1.28.11_PM.pngEvery year companies launch their best new innovations at South by Southwest (SXSW). 2016 was no exception. Virtual and augmented reality products were heavily represented. As were many products that address the question “why don’t we have those yet?”

    These five innovations have us clamoring to get our hands on them as soon as they’re available (or sooner)!

    Lily Camera

    While selfies are fun, they’re child’s play compared to a drone that follows you and records you in action. As the first “throw-and-shoot” camera, the Lily Camera begins recording when you toss it in the air. Using GPS and computer vision, it flies to the tracker that you wear. Whether you’re into action sports or just love to get aerial views, Lily will catch it all in stunning HD.

    Available in Summer 2016, you can pre-order your Lily Camera now.

    Mill Stitch

    Innovations like virtual reality and 360-degree filming have created challenges and opportunities for filmmakers. As these techniques become widespread, producers and directors need tools to manage them, just like they have for normal film. With normal film, directors can review footage on set in real time. But until recently, then couldn’t do the same for virtual reality footage coming from a 360-degree camera rig.

    Enter Mill Stitch. The team at London-based production studio The Mill created “custom-built, proprietary software” that pulls the images from multiple 360-degree cameras and configures them for viewing on a tablet or touchscreen desktop. The software allows directors to immerse themselves in the full creative process and use 360-degree footage to push the boundaries of filmmaking.


    Vantage.tv offers you the “best seat in the house.” Imagine being able to experience your favorite bands up close without having to fight the crowds. Vantage.tv is using virtual reality to create immersive live events that are accessible to everyone. 

    Vantage.tv’s technology is pushing boundaries of how artists can create new experiences for their fans. The fans are able to connect with the artists in ways they’ve never dreamed. It was recently featured at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Watch for more experiences coming soon from this group.

    Here Active Listening 

    What if you could control all the sounds around you? Now you can with just two wireless ear buds and a smartphone app from Here. 

    These headphones don’t play music, but they alter sounds to your preferences. Whether it’s a live concert, class presentation or other audio experiences, you adjust the sounds to the way you want to hear them:

    • Adjust volume.
    • Remix live music with 14 “tune in” filters.
    • Tune out noises with preset filters to improve your audio experiences in different settings (i.e. office, airplane, city, etc.).
    • Adjust frequencies to mute certain noises with a 5-band EQ.
    • Add effects such as bass boost, reverb and flange.

    This augmented audio reality optimizes how you hear the world around you. And, it is all personalized. 

    PopUp Play

    It wasn’t all just fun toys for adults at SXSW. PopUp Play is taking fort building to another level. Kids can download their app, the Build Lab, and design their own castle or gingerbread house. They can customize it any way they want with towers, windows, dragons, butterflies … even a drawbridge! The parents can then order the design that comes ready-to-build in a flat-pack box. Once it’s set up, kids can color and decorate it while exploring their imagination.

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