5 Amazing Student Design And Engineering Projects You Need To See

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Oct 29, 2015 10:00:00 AM

    While many companies and brands are creating incredible designs and products, so are some amazing students. Senior projects and student competitions breathe some new life into CAD design and engineering. Maybe it’s their fresh perspective or their excitement over one of their first projects that has a little more at stake than a grade.

    Below are five exciting projects that showcase these students’ creativity and innovation.

    A Safer Surgical Needle: Smart Needle (Temple University)

    During surgeries and biopsies, needles are inserted to perform tasks in the body. However, surgeons have a hard time maneuvering straight needles to certain parts of the body. With organs and bones in the way, they risk damage and spend more time on surgery than is needed.

    This project team is designing a needle using a metal alloy called nitinol. This alloy is made up of nickel and titanium, and has shape memory and superelasticity. Once the needle is inside the body, the superelasticity allows surgeons to maneuver it around obstacles to its intended location. Once removed, it reforms its original shape.

    Video Games That Read your Mind: Affective Gaming (Cornell University)

    With the ever-growing innovations in video games, this team comprised of Ponnapati Raghava Manvitha Reddy and Deepak Awari is designing a game using affective computing in the game’s environment. Affective computing is computing that can recognize and process emotions. The game will interpret the player’s emotions and will customize itself to create the best gaming experience. Variables will include which characters are added to the game and the difficulty level. And the game will continue to learn on its own.

    The emotions are recognized and interpreted by biological parameters that are detected through a cap that players wear. This data is fed into the game design that then adjusts the game’s characteristics.

    Helping Blind Athletes: Audible Hockey Puck (Sheridan College)

    Sheridan College’s Ryan Vierira and Kristoffer Pascual won the Best Re-engineered / Collaborative Production Award at the Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D (IAM3D) Challenge. Their project was an audible hockey puck for blind and visually impaired athletes. They designed the puck to emit electric sounds as it glides across the ice. This allows the players to be aware of where it is and how fast it may be moving, which enhances their experience.

    Prosthetic Limbs For Disabled Dogs: Pawsthetic (UMass Lowell)

    UMass Lowell mechanical engineering seniors Johnathan Lawson, Patrick Semeter, Taylor Breau, Anthony Ferrara and Jonathon Fournier won the top prize in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Direct Digital Manufacturing Design Competition. They designed a “Pawsthetic,” a custom 3D-printed prosthetic leg for dogs.

    Prosthetic limbs are not readily available for dogs: the team estimates that 2.25 million dogs suffer leg amputation in the U.S. Their goal with the 3D printing technology is to reduce cost and waste, while shortening the production time for dogs to receive the legs.

    Solving Problems For NASA: Hunch 2015 Zero Gravity Scale (Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School)

    Thomas Vagnini, a senior at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School, earned first prize in the Stratasys Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge. The goal of his design was for a zero gravity scale that will be used on the International Space Station. The scale measures the masses of objects in space through sensors that measure the amount of centrifugal force that is exerted on the object.

    Currently, the International Space Station cannot measure out proportions of chemicals, so pre-measured chemicals have to be sent from Earth for any experiments. This scale could give the Station the ability to conduct experiments faster, create new medicines and analyze samples from space.

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