4 Ways to Drive Innovation in Your CAD Teams

    Posted by Tony Lonergan on Nov 13, 2017 10:30:00 AM

    innovation.jpegNew technology is constantly driving change within the engineering industry. However, it’s the engineers themselves who bring about the most change. 

    Companies rely on CAD teams to leverage new technology and innovate new products. That’s why it’s essential for engineering leaders to form effective teams and foster creativity in the workplace.

    Here are four ways to boost creativity and spark innovation in your CAD teams.

    1. Allow Unstructured Time for Innovative Thinking

    During structured innovation, team members are guided through the innovation process and must abide by specific guidelines. However, during unstructured innovation, all restraints are removed, allowing individuals to think and innovate freely. By striking a balance between structured and unstructured time, companies have been able to generate new product ideas, spark innovation and boost profitability (think: Google and Intuit). 

    Engineering leaders should start by gathering their CAD team to discuss the goals and purposes for innovating. From there, leaders should provide their teams with useful resources as reference to help further develop each member’s skillset throughout the unstructured time. 

    2. Reward Successes and Failures

    Team leaders must understand that failure is a normal part of the innovation process. As most CAD teams work against the clock, leaders must encourage the team to take risks and fail in order to succeed. By praising both successes and failures of the CAD team, leaders can ensure that individuals are comfortable with taking risks that may lead to future innovations.

    3. Form Cross-Functional Teams

    By recruiting representatives from several departments, CAD teams can gain new perspectives, insights and secure buy-in across all functions within a company. Team leaders should form diverse teams by gathering professionals from a variety of backgrounds. These employees should offer unique strengths to help spark innovative solutions to the same problem.

    Cross-functional CAD teams can also leverage cloud tools, such as Huddle or Basecamp, to maintain open lines of communication with one another or to seamlessly share files. By forming cross-functional teams, team leaders can streamline processes, simplify workflows and drive innovation.

    4. Equip Your Team with the CadMouse Wireless

    As CAD software and design tools continue to improve, CAD teams must be quick to adopt new technology. To ensure engineers remain at the forefront of innovation, teams should invest in the newest tools to design with ease and precision.

    The CadMouse Wireless is a high-performance tool that enables users to take designs from ideation to final product with ease. The portable mouse allows users to design on the go, and features triple connectivity, QuickZoom and Smart Scroll capabilities.

    With the right knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, engineering leaders can spark innovation in their CAD teams and remain ahead of the curve.

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