4 SOLIDWORKS Tools You Should Be Using

    Posted by Mark Driscoll on Nov 16, 2016 10:55:00 AM

    3DX_Blog Image_SOLIDWORKS Tools.jpgIn order to get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS software and improve your efficiency, there are a number of add-ins to give you a boost.

    Add-ins often include helpful shortcuts and processes to eliminate extra steps in your workflow. Many add-ins are already fully integrated with the software platform, though some tools require a simple download or one-time purchase.

    Below, we’ve highlighted four helpful add-ins that can improve your designs in SOLIDWORKS.

    1. IMOLD

    For a smoother design process, SOLIDWORKS users should look no further than IMOLD. This software has earned the SOLIDWORKS Gold Certification for its abilities in mold automation and workflow efficiency. Gold certification means this add-in is entirely integrated into SOLIDWORKS with one-window functionality.

    With a dashboard of mold design tools, the IMOLD software can detect mold direction and then automate the design, which then reduces a designer’s overall production time. Users can also create mold assembly lines and family molds within IMOLD using one of their features, Layout Designer. Other software capabilities include:

    • Data preparation
    • Project control
    • Moldbase design
    • Slider/lifter design

    For CAD engineers working specifically in the manufacturing industry, IMOLD may also be used with existing manufacturing systems.

    Get it here: IMOLD

    2. MODO for SOLIDWORKS Kit 

    The MODO for SOLIDWORKS Kit is a go-to for CAD users who want to improve their rendering and animation skills by upholding each object’s original appearance during imports. This not only cuts down on time, but also improves design efficiency and makes editing imported objects easier. With clearer visualization and rendering, designers can effectively communicate their proposal or design idea to their audiences.

    Other features of the kit include:

    • PhotoView 360 compatibility
    • Drag-and-drop material and environment applications
    • Easy-to-use user interface

    The MODO Kit also includes a number of training videos to help users become familiar with the kit’s functions, as well as tips on how to optimize workflow in CAD.

    Get it here: MODO Kit

    3. SOLIDWORKS FloXpress

    FloXpress is a SOLIDWORKS add-in that can determine how much fluid or air runs through each part of your model or product. The app is ideal for CAD users working within the architectural engineering and mechanical engineering fields. The tool allows users to test different flow intensities, which can help identify errors early on.

    Key features of FloXpress include:

    • Engineering goal-based analysis
    • Flow animation
    • Wizard mode for analysis setup

    With goal-based analysis reports, FloXpress users can outline which flow analyses they’re interested in learning more about. The add-in then pulls the information about these flows and generates a report, which includes images for users to carefully identify problem areas. For SOLIDWORKS users in search of a more intricate tool that accounts for flow velocity in a much more complex model, they can upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. 

    Get it here: SOLIDWORKS FloXpress

    4. SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit 

    The SpaceMouse Enterprise is the most advanced 3D mouse ever produced, with high-performance features that give engineers an unprecedented real-time understanding of their designs in SOLIDWORKS and most other popular CAD applications. The unrivalled ability to position parts and assemblies as if by thought alone (thanks to the remarkable 6-Degrees-of-Freedom sensor) plus a comprehensive array of large, keyboard-like buttons, including QuickView Keys and a full complement of keyboard modifiers, means greater productivity (on average, users increase their output by 21 percent), improved creativity and a more comfortable design experience.

    And the SpaceMouse Enterprise provides even greater ROI when paired with the CadMouse, the first mouse built specifically for 3D professionals. They work together perfectly: the SpaceMouse Enterprise smoothly positions your object or view and the CadMouse selects and creates with ease. 

    The SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit includes both the SpaceMouse Enterprise and CadMouse, as well as the CadMouse Pad designed for the smoothest mouse movement possible and a twin-port USB hub so you can connect both devices from one USB port.

    Get it here: SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

    There are a variety of tools that can help make each user experience in SOLIDWORKS faster and more efficient. What tools or add-ins have improved your workflow?

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