3 Reasons Why a CadMouse Is the Right Tool for the Job

    Posted by John Moseley on Feb 9, 2017 12:51:25 PM

    CadMouse_CadMouse_Pad_desktop_setup_hand_front_left_small-1.pngWould you use an ordinary garden shovel to dig a trench? Would you use a two-door compact car to transport boxes and boxes of tools from one place to another? You likely wouldn’t do either of these things because there’s a right tool to complete all of these tasks in an easier, faster way. So why use a mouse designed for gaming or regular office work as the primary input to your powerful CAD applications? It may sound nonsensical but in reality, the majority of engineers are doing just that. Why? Because until CadMouse was introduced in 2015, there wasn’t a mouse available that was specifically designed for CAD users!

    With CadMouse, you get an intelligent ergonomic design combined with CAD specific, user-friendly software features that make working in CAD easier and more comfortable.

    There are three main reasons why a CadMouse is the right tool to use for your CAD work.

    1. A dedicated, full-size middle mouse button.

    A dedicated middle mouse button (MMB) means you don’t need to press the scroll wheel hundreds to thousands of times per day. That’s important when you consider that pressing the scroll wheel takes 5-6 times the actuation force compared to the left or right buttons! The CadMouse’s dedicated MMB sits between the left and right mouse buttons and requires the same sensible actuation force as its neighbors. And don't worry if you find old habits hard to break, because by default, the scroll wheel also functions as an MMB so CadMouse feels familiar while you get used to the improved way of using your mouse.CadMouse_Front_Up_RGB - mouse button pointers.png

    2. A deep integration with your CAD applications.

    Thanks to more than 20 years of working with the world’s leading CAD software vendors, 3Dconnexion products demonstrate a remarkable connection to your applications with powerful features like QuickZoom and Radial Menus.

    • QuickZoom - Zoom to a point of interest with one click of a thumb button. Click for a demo video.
    • Radial Menu - Application and environment specific radial menus which provide intuitive access to favorite commands with a simple mouse gesture. Click for a demo video.

    3. A perfect blend of speed and precision.

    CadMouse pairs a high performance 8200dpi laser with optimally shaped feet made from PTFE, a material with one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid. It feels good on its own, but when combined with the 3Dconnexion CadMouse Pad, you’ll experience effortless, precise cursor movement thanks to a near perfect equilibrium between static and kinetic friction.

    Now that you know there’s a tool out there that can relieve the pains and frustrations of CAD work, why waste any more time using an ordinary mouse? Introducing a CadMouse to your desktop adds a whole new level of precision, productivity and comfort to your CAD workflow. Learn more about how a CadMouse[1] can improve your design experience in CAD.

    What feature of the CadMouse are you most excited to try?



    [1] http://www.3dconnexion.com/products/cadmouse

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