3 Common Engineering Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

    Posted by Tony Lonergan on Sep 15, 2017 11:00:00 AM

    engineers.jpegEngineering professionals must tackle today’s most pressing issues by bringing new, more sustainable solutions to market while working with tight deadlines. 

    Successful engineers must have the right technical ability. But, a creative mind and strong pulse on the latest industry trends is also important to effectively develop solutions. However, keeping pace with an ever-changing environment is no small task.

    Below we outline three of the most common obstacles and challenges engineers face and provide actionable tips to help you overcome them.

    1. Keeping Up With Industry Trends

    As an engineer, you can’t afford to be complacent. As trends, such as green engineering, cloud-based CAD, 3D printing and internet of things (IoT) continue to disrupt the industry, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest news and developments to avoid falling behind.

    Set aside time each week to read up on current advancements and tools impacting engineering today. Online resources, such as 3D CAD World, ScienceDaily and Engineering.com publish daily news, articles and tips for engineers, keeping you in the know. A solid knowledge on current trends puts you a step ahead of the competition and helps you to innovate for the future using the latest technology.

    2. Avoiding the Creative Block

    Creativity is essential for problem solving and innovating. Successful engineers are able to think outside the box and propose creative, unconventional solutions. However, it’s impossible to schedule creative thinking.

    creativity.jpegWhen faced with tight deadlines, engineers have little time to waste. To avoid design blocks and jumpstart creative thinking, try giving your mind a temporary break by stepping away from the screen. Consider working out or relocating to a space that sparks creativity, such as an art museum.

    You can also stimulate creative thinking by changing your thinking approach. Consider designing multiple solutions for the same problem or collaborating with other engineers to gain insights on multiple perspectives on the issue at hand. Letting go of a single solution mindset will help you innovate with more creativity.

    3. Boosting Productivity

    Engineers must keep pace with their surroundings, leading them to seek new ways to streamline processes and improve productivity. However, designing on a deadline may require additional hours on the computer. As a result, many engineers experience wrist pain, which can interfere with their work, hinder productivity and lead to permanent injuries.

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    While working in CAD, engineers often make repetitive movements. To avoid cramping and relieve any discomfort, allow yourself to take stretch breaks regularly, and make adjustments to your posture by sitting upright.

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