10 3D Designers You Should Follow Right Now for Some Awesome Inspiration

    Posted by 3DxBlog Team on Dec 8, 2015 10:00:00 AM

    3D design breathes life into art, motion pictures and illustrations.

    Entrancing, inventive, beautiful and modern, 3D images can be lifelike and captivating. We’ve compiled a list of architects, jewelry makers and visual designers who employ 3D concepts or elements into their work. Their images and videos are sure to give you an imagination boost.

    1. Arturo Vittori (@AV_Press) 

    Vittori is an Italian archictect and co-founder of the research and design studio Architecture and Vision. The architecture firm works in art, product and transportation design, “known for developing elegant, ecological and economic solutions for our evolving planet.” The firm utilizes emerging technologies to meet contemporary needs in architecture. Visit the company’s projects page for captivating images of the team’s designs and artwork.

    2. Joshua Harker (Twitter: @JoshuaHarker 

    Harker is an artist, sculptor and self-proclaimed “troublemaker.” He is known as a pioneer and visionary in 3D printed art. His work is captivating and complex, even mystical, and is sure to inspire. Harker regularly shares valuable 3D printing content and industry news to his Twitter and social networks.

    3. Dave Davidson (Twitter: @dave_A_davidson 

    Follow Davidson for simultaneous inspiration in fitness and 3D artwork. He is a freelance 3D artist and designer, who also enjoys sharing his love of running online. Davidson specializes in producing photo-realistic models and visuals, which have been featured across platforms from print to film. His clients include Burberry and Nokia and, though he often posts content about his fitness pursuits, he peppers art-related topics and trends into his dialogue online.

    4. Jessica Rosenkrantz (Twitter: @nervous_jessica)

    Rosenkrantz is an artist, designer, programmer and co-founder of Nervous System, a “generative design studio that works at the intersection of science, art and technology.” She and her partner Jesse Louis-Rosenberg (@nervous_jesse), generate designs to create art, jewelry and houseware inspired by natural phenomena.

    5. J.R. Schmidt (Vimeo: J.R. Schmidt

    J.R. Schmidt is a 3D artist and motion designer. When you need a creative break, click to his online portfolio or Vimeo account for short motion pictures of captivating 3D illustrations and scenes. Schmidt’s motion-picture designs are playful, often colorful and imaginative.

    6. Chris Labrooy (Twitter: @chrislabrooy) 

    Labrooy is a 3D designer, and much of his work features creative manipulations of typography. His designs have been featured in content and advertisements for Nike and McDonald’s. Follow Labrooy on Twitter for regular updates on recent work and article shares relevant to 3D professionals, and on Instagram for his images.

    7. Leticia Reinaldo Gillett (Facebook: Leticia Reinaldo Art 

    Reinaldo brings animated characters to life with her 3D model designs. She has contributed to movie posters for major motion pictures including Frozen, Tinker Bell and Muppets Most Wanted, among other commercial projects. On her website, she provides multiple visuals for her projects, including early-stage 3D renderings of her completed designs.

    8. Piotr Kosinski (Website)           

    Kosinski specializes in “presentations of products, technical and scientific processes through computer-aided visualization and animation.” He creates art for animation in TV, stills, web design and print. His online portfolio largely features 3D models of luxury cars - think fast, furious and futuristic.

    9. Henry Goss (Twitter: @henryjpgoss

    Goss is an architect who also specializes in creating 3D representations of fresh, modern buildings and spaces. His firm was established in 2011 and is known for contemporary design and a “whole process” collaborative approach. Goss studied at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff and was awarded the Young European Architect of the Year award by the Leading European Architects Forum. Goss regularly shares architecture and design industry articles, images and trend topics on Twitter.

    10. TUMBLR3D (Website

    Keep a pulse on up and coming artists with TUMBLR3D, which compiles captivating 3D artwork, designs and videos from across the internet. The blog features amazing 3D works from movies, latest news and trends in the CD industry, as well as tutorials.

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